Why my baby startles a lot


Why Do Newborn Babies Startles A Lot?

Have you ever been holding a baby otherwise been close enough to observe one? If so you likely saw that often when a loud noise was made or an unanticipated motion the newborn baby sort of jumped, or was stunned. Often, newborns are shocked and this is completely natural. Nevertheless, numerous parents wonder why newborn babies startle a lot. 

When children appear to jump for no factor whatsoever this is called the Moro reflex. Most infants will show this behavior and some will startle regularly than others. There are several theories behind the reason why this happens, but no definite research has caused an exact cause. One of the most common theories is that the baby is accustomed to being in the womb and amniotic fluid. As soon as born this amniotic fluid is not there to cushion and safeguard the baby. Completion outcome is the baby feels as if he is falling for no obvious reason and just stuns.

What to Do?

If you have a baby with a startle reflex then the best thing you can do is swaddle your child. Swaddling will allow your infant to feel safe and protected once again, similar to in the womb, and the startle reflex will not occur. If you want to swaddle your child then you have to put a blanket folded into a triangle on the ground, bed, or other flat surface area. Then put your baby in the middle. Fold one side of the blanket over and tuck it under your childs body. Then, fold the bottom edge up. Finally, fold the other side up and over and tuck the corner in the top of the blanket. Your child will feel safe and love being swaddled. There are also blankets you can buy that are ready to swaddle and have actually Velcro tabs attached so you can swaddle your baby is no time at all at all.

Keep in mind, some children will startle a lot even when asleep and this may wake them up and cause them to cry. But, if you keep them swaddled while they are young they will ultimately outgrow the startle reflex and wont have to be swaddled as much later on.


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