Why Are Some Babies Fat

Why Are Some Babies Fat

If you’re worried about your baby’s weight, consult your baby’s doctor. Growth, advancement and weight are great subjects to talk about during regular well-baby exams.

Why Are Some Babies Fat

During infancy, the doctor will outline your baby’s development on charts that show weight for length. Later, your baby’s doctor will calculate your child’s BMI. You can use the charts to track your child’s growth trend and to compare your baby’s growth with that of other infants of the same sex and age. According to the World Health Organization growth charts, a baby with a weight-for-length greater than the 98th percentile is thought about to have a high weight for length.

Why Are Some Babies Fat

Keep in mind, babies need a diet high in fat to support growth during infancy. A baby who’s specifically breast-fed gets about half of his or her day-to-day calories from the fat in breast milk. As a result, calorie limitations targeted at decreasing weight are not advised for babies age 2 and under.

Excess fat and calories can still be a concern, though. For example, being too heavy can delay crawling and walking– vital parts of a baby’s physical and mental advancement. While a big baby may not become an overweight child, a child who is obese frequently remains overweight as a grownup.

To keep your baby at a healthy weight:

  • Screen your weight gain during pregnancy. Extreme weight gain during pregnancy can increase a baby’s birth weight. Research recommends that as birth weight increases, so does the risk of youth weight problems.
  • Breast-feed. Some research suggests that breast-feeding reduces the risk of childhood obesity.
  • Limitation sugar-sweetened beverages. Juice isn’t really a required part of a baby’s diet. As you begin introducing solid foods, consider offering nutritious fruits and vegetables instead.
  • Try out methods to relieve your baby. Do not automatically turn to breast milk or formula to quiet your baby’s weeps. In some cases a new position, a calmer environment or a gentle touch is all that’s needed.
  • Limitation media use. The American Academy of Pediatrics dissuades media use by children younger than age 2. The more TV your child watches, the higher his/her risk is of becoming overweight.

As your child ages, continue speaking with his/her doctor about weight and nutrition. For extra guidance, you might consult a registered dietitian also.

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