How to Use Gripe Water & Ovol Drops


Whether it is caused by gas or the more insidious colic, hearing your baby cry in distress is unpleasant. The two most popular colic home treatments are gripe water and Ovol drops. According to Ivan Blumenthal in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medication, gripe water was originally produced in 1851 as a treatment for malaria. The original formula included alcohol, dill seed oil, salt bicarbonate and sugar. Modern gripe waters usually have no alcohol or sugar, and contain fennel, chamomile and ginger. Ovol Drops are made in Canada, and include simethicone, which is proven to relieve abdominal gas.

Use Gripe Water

Step 1

Squeeze the air out of your medication dropper. Hold the bulb closed and dip the dropper into the gripe water bottle.

Step 2

Release the bulb. The resulting vacuum will suck the gripe water up into the dropper.

Step 3

Raise the dropper out of the liquid and gently squeeze the bulb, spraying out the gripe water until you have the appropriate dose in the dropper. This differs in between brand names, so read the guidelines on the label.

How to Use Gripe Water & Ovol Drops
How to Use Gripe Water & Ovol Drops

Step 4

Spray the gripe water gently into your baby’s mouth, if she is old enough to swallow it.

Step 5

Use gripe water to mix your baby’s formula, or add it to filtered water. Give your baby gripe water with meals, simply after them, or at bedtime, making sure you follow the dosage recommendations and do not exceed the optimum.

Use Ovol Drops:

Step 1

Follow Steps 1 to 3 in Section 1 to ration the proper dosage. This will be between 0.25 and 0.50 ml, depending upon your baby’s age and weight.

Step 2

Include Ovol Drops to your baby’s formula, filtered water or juice, or gently spray the Ovol Drops into the baby’s mouth if she is old enough to comprehend that she needs to swallow it. A lot of babies under six months will simply let it dribble back out.

Step 3

Provide your baby one dose of Ovol Drops with each feeding or just later, however do not exceed 1.5 ml in any 24-hour period.


Never ever use one dropper for different medications without cleaning it completely in between uses.


Always consult you doctor before giving any home treatment to your child.


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