Understanding Baby Acne


If you think that acne is a problem only teens and adults deal with, reconsider. Babies can also have signs of acne. They could have breakouts as early as 2-3 weeks after birth. Baby acne is more typical in the in the facial area (cheeks, chin and forehead) and they can even have back acne in this early stage of life. 

Baby acne ought to not be mistaken with milia or eczema. Milia are also known as milk spots. These are little, hard and white-colored spots that usually vanish in about two weeks. Eczema, on the other hand, is a kind of skin swelling and is more severe than acne. Symptoms of eczema consist of scaling and blisters. Whiteheads are likewise a concern and these are little bumps, either white or flesh-colored, that are triggered by blocked pores. You would know that your child has acne if pimples start to appear within their first month.

Some medical studies reveal that baby acne might start forming while infants are still in their mom’s womb. In the latter stage of pregnancy, a mom’s hormonal agents are gone through the placenta and are gotten by the fetus. This can really stimulate your baby’s oil glands and with the presence of oil, acne can easily appear. This is why some children would appear to have red pimples even right after birth.

To prevent acne, make sure that you are not consuming strong detergents in cleaning your baby’s clothing. Some detergents may contain extreme chemicals that can aggravate the skin. Immediately wipe any food, drinks, or saliva that might drip off from your baby’s mouth as this may intensify baby acne.

Constantly ensure that your baby’s face is cleaned with water and a moderate soap every day. Do not attempt to scrub their face since baby’s skin is so sensitive and scrubbing would cause reddening. Do not use any oils and lotions that are not recommended by your doctor. These might aggravate your baby’s skin easily. You ought to be alarmed if your baby’s acne issue lasts for more than 6 months. It is important to get your doctor’s guidance if baby acne worsens.


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