How to Treat the Fever for an 8-Month-Old Baby


A fever is a symptom, however likewise an immune system reaction that assists the body battle infections. A low-grade fever as much as 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit in an 8-month-old baby generally doesn’t need treatment, according to Reduce higher fevers or those causing obvious discomfort, and consult your pediatrician. Get your baby medical interest for a fever greater than 103 F. In basic with temperature levels below 103 F, the number is lesser than how your baby acts. If he seems otherwise great, he most likely is; if he appears disoriented, sluggish or otherwise seriously ill, get medical interest regardless of the fever.

Step 1

Offer your 8-month-old baby a liquid children’s fever minimizing medication, provided your pediatrician concurs. Select acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and never ever provide a child aspirin. Use a clearly marked medication dropper for dosing. Figure out the appropriate dosing according to your baby’s weight, not her age. Follow all plan instructions and cautions, and wait the recommended quantity of time in between dosages.

Step 2

Strip your baby of any clothes, leaving him in simply a diaper. Cover him with a light blanket if he seems cold or has chills. Do not bundle up your baby, as this can raise his temperature level.

Step 3

Keep the temperature in your house in between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent overheating your 8-month-old while keeping her warm if she starts feeling chilled from her fever.

How to Treat the Fever for an 8-Month-Old Baby
How to Treat the Fever for an 8-Month-Old Baby

Step 4

Give your baby cold liquids to help reduce his fever and ward off dehydration. An ice pop of frozen juice works well, too, particularly if he does not want to drink.

Step 5

Put your baby in a few inches of lukewarm water and clean her down with a washcloth. Do not use cold water, and never add ice to the bath water. Too cold a bath can be very uncomfortable and trigger severe chills if your baby has a fever. Never use rubbing alcohol to your baby, as it can cool her precariously quick and be soaked up through her skin.


Call your doctor if your 8-month-old’s low-grade fever continues for more than two days, or if there are associateding with symptoms.


Rectal temperature level readings are the most precise for an 8-month-old baby. Oral readings are fine, also, but forehead strips and ear thermometers can be unreliable. Wait a minimum of 20 minutes after your baby consumes to orally take his temperature level, and make certain he isn’t really wrapped while you take it. Don’t take your baby’s temperature level right after a bath, either.


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