How to Treat a Diaper Rash with Open Sores


Diaper rash is something most parents see one or two times during the early years of a child’s life. It is a kind of dermatitis that provides as red, rough sores on the genitals, and can be associated with moist diapers. Open blisters suggest an acute condition that may be infected. It might likewise be the irritation is not from a wet diaper. Any rash severe enough to have open areas need to be examined by a pediatrician.

Step 1

Pat down the genital area with a clean, dry towel.

Step 2

Apply a non-prescription ointment including zinc oxide. Rub the ointment over the entire genital area even areas that have no rash, but avoid the open blisters. Talk to your doctor about alleviating the open areas. Your pediatrician might want you to use an antibiotic lotion or cream on open blisters.

How to Treat a Diaper Rash with Open Sores
How to Treat a Diaper Rash with Open Sores

Step 3

Lay the baby on an open diaper when she is napping. This means do not use the tabs to secure the diaper. This permits air to reach the genital area and keep it dry.

Step 4

Change the baby’s diapers to ones that are one size larger than the ones you currently use. This provides more air flow to the genital area and allows for recovery.


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