Toddlers and Hot Tubs


Jacuzzis can provide a peaceful experience for adults, but can be hazardous for toddlers. A toddler is especially susceptible to the heat of a jacuzzi, and drowning and infection threats are also present. Before letting your toddler use a jacuzzi, make sure that he is old enough and acquaint yourself with safety preventative measures.

Age Limit

Babycenter states that toddlers under the age of 5 years ought to not use hot tubs. This is because young toddlers can get too hot faster than adults. Your toddler must also be tall enough to stand in the center of the hot tub and still keep her head above the water to assist avoid drowning.


If your toddler is old enough to be in a hot tub, you still have to prevent him from becoming overheated. If he is overheated, his heart might start to race. High temperature levels can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, heat stroke or death. Keep the temperature in the hot tub listed below 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not enable your toddler to be in the hot tub without adult supervision.

Toddlers and Hot Tubs
Toddlers and Hot Tubs

Ear Infections

High temperatures promote the growth of bacteria. An earful of the water can result in an ear infection, particularly if your toddler is currently prone to them. To assist prevent ear infections, make sure that she does not totally immerse her head in the water while in a hot tub.

Drain Covers

If your toddler has long hair, it can get captured or drawn into the grate or suction fitting covering the jacuzzi drain. This can hold his head under water and cause him to drown. Carefully supervise your toddler in the jacuzzi, and make certain your hot tub includes a drain cover following the voluntary standard set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


Customer Reports recommends that you cover your hot tub when it is not in use to prevent your toddler from using it when you are unable to supervise. You might wish to put a self-locking gate around it to prevent younger toddlers from playing near the hot tub. Have a professional regularly inspect your hot tub to be sure that it is in good working condition which any drain covers are safely in place.


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