Tips for Easier Diaper Changes


It’s almost amusing how little you truly learn about fundamental baby care till you’re thrown into parenting. Changing a diaper appears basic, and once you know what you’re doing it is, however in some cases getting that diaper on the baby is much harder it is seems it needs to be.

1. Establish stations

Establish stations for diaper changes throughout your house so you’re not adding and down the stairs to your child’s room to recover a diaper or to find the diaper-rash cream when it’s time for a change. At each station have diapers, wipes and cream within arm’s grab simple diaper altering.

2. Distract your kid

Nobody needs to tell you that infants and toddlers are anxious– especially when it’s time for them to lie still for diaper changes. To have a simple diaper changing experience, keep her occupied while you’re doing your business. Sing tunes, install a mobile over the changing table, shake a rattle, play peekaboo or hand her an unique toy or book saved for diapering time. All these distractions are sure to make for easy diaper changing, keeping her from wiggling away from you while you’re mid-change.

diaper changes for newborns

3. Come down to the down and dirty

First, clean your hands (always– you have no idea what you were touching last, whether a jalapeño or a severe detergent). Then, instead of whisking away the dirty diaper instantly, use it to help swipe off as much poop as possible before relying on the wipes. If you’re altering a newborn, use cotton balls or a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water instead (it’ll be gentler on your baby’s sensitive skin). When cleaning your baby’s bottom (specifically a lady’s), be sure to clean from front to back to avoid spreading germs. Tidy the creases between your child’s legs and buttocks to get rid of all traces of poop and pee. Pat your baby’s bottom with a soft fabric or towel up until it’s entirely dry (prior to you slather on cream or ointment to help prevent diaper rash). And due to the fact that it’s a dirty job (and you’re the one doing it), remember to wash your hands.

4. Keep baby safe

If diaper changes are taking place on an altering table, use the safety straps to buckle your child in– even newborns who cannot roll over can extend and fall off the table’s surface area. But do not depend on the straps to keep your baby secure; you’ll still have to keep a constant eye on her (don’t think you can turn your back even for a second).

5. Change the scene

If your older baby’s pitching a fit at every one of her diaper changes, ditch the table and attempt a brand-new location– the bed, the bathroom, even the floor. Put a pad or thick towel down to safeguard the surface area (just take care– a towel isn’t really waterproof). She might just be balking at the idea of being strapped in.

6. Be prepared for anything

When you’re altering a boy’s diaper, always place a fabric over his penis to avoid an unintended spray (striking you or the wall). Another word to the wise: Be sure your baby has finished pooping before you replace a dirty diaper (and lose a tidy one).


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