How to Stop Sucking Your Thumb


Babies usually suckle on a bottle or on their mom’s breast. It provides food and convenience for the baby. When infants become young children, they generally keep this habit passing sucking their thumb. It relieves the young child whenever they become too nervous, bored, or exhausted. The older you get, nevertheless, the less cute it ends up being and you will wish to find out how to stop this habits. Let’s take a look at some pointers you can use to stop it from being bothersome. 

How to Stop Sucking Your Thumb (for Older Kids).

1. Change with Another Habits.

If a thumb is “bored”, it is most likely to end up in the mouth. You need to sidetrack yourself so that you can do something else besides sucking your thumb. If you find yourself sucking your thumb, find something else to do with your thumb such as playing the “hide the thumb” game, squeezing the thumb, drawing an image or doing anything you like. These will help turn a bad routine into a harmless habit.

2. Discover What the Trigger Is.

Look for out which things trigger you to suck your thumb and avoid those things. If it is from fatigue, stress, or boredom, you need to find out the stressor and consider something else to do besides drawing your thumb. When you understand your triggers, you will find out how to stop drawing your thumb effectively.

3. Attempt Program And Tell.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and look at your front teeth. Remind yourself that you will appear like Bugs Bunny if you keep drawing on your thumb. Remind yourself that you have good-looking teeth already and do not want to destroy them by pushing needlessly on them during the act of drawing on the thumb.

4. Give the Thumb a Rest During Sleep.

Most of the severe cases of overbiting happen in those kids who suck their thumb while sleeping. You need to stop doing this and instead occupy your hands with a teddy bear to hold onto, a book or toy to keep, or a blanket to hold onto. Try singing lullabies in the evening and play these lullabies all night long on a never-ending loop of music that will keep you comfortable enough not to suck your thumb during the night.

5. More Useful Tips.

Besides what have been pointed out about how to stop sucking your thumb, here are some useful suggestions for you as an older kid to think about:.

  • Use your self-control. You know you wish to stop it, so think of some sort of reason why it is a great idea to stop. Keep in mind, it will look embarrassing if you still draw your thumb at your pal’s pajama party.
  • Be prepared. Keep drinks sitting on your end table by your bed so that you can drink on during the night when you get up with a dry mouth or wish to suck your thumb.
  • Put a sock on your thumb. You can put a sock on your thumb to keep you from drawing on it or else tape a cotton ball on your thumb prior to going to sleep. You can even put a Band-Aid on the thumb or use gloves– anything to remind you not to draw on it. These are all excellent ways how to stop drawing your thumb.
  • Remove a pillow or stuffed animal. If the smell of these things will remind you that you wish to suck your thumb, get rid of these from your bed and you will be less tempted to draw your thumb.
  • Purchase a thumb stopping kit. These are readily available on the web and can assist you stop drawing your thumb. Steer clear of those that provide a flavored liquid to the thumb as these can be simply cleaned off.
  • Try something bitter. Put something bitter or too spicy on your thumb, such as hot sauce or paprika. You will not wish to suck your thumb with those on the thumb.
  • Put the thumb beneath your pillow. With your thumb under the pillow, you will effectively keep yourself from putting it in your mouth in the evening.

Nevertheless, Prevent These Things.

There are also some things you should not do if asking “How to stop drawing your thumb”.

Do not make everything into a confrontation. To puts it simply, do not make an ultimatum and tell yourself you cannot suck thumb any longer. Rather, praise yourself for when you aren’t drawing their thumb.
Do not stop yourself when having a hurt thumb. Stopping sucking the thumb isn’t really the correct time when your thumbs are currently injured.


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