How to Stop Colic in a Six-Week-Old-Baby


According to, colic can be presumed if your 6-week-old baby cries for extended periods at the exact same times each day. You may likewise consider colic if your baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, three days a week and for longer than 3 weeks. Colic typically lasts only a brief quantity of time. If your 6-week-old baby is experiencing colic, you are most likely irritated with your failure to comfort her. A few easy home remedies may help calm your baby till the colic goes away. It might take some experimentation to identify what works best for your infant.

Step 1

Feed your baby regularly. Offer your baby breast milk or formula more frequently, advises, to assist keep him complete and more pleased. Hold your 6-week-old in an upright position and keep in mind to burp him typically to help ease stomach pain. Offer a pacifier between feedings so your baby is still able to suck.

Step 2

Hold your baby and walk with him. Keep him moving. Put your 6-week-old in a baby swing or vibrating chair to offer constant motion, suggests Securing your baby in a car seat and taking him for a drive is another way to provide him with the sensation of motion.

Step 3

Play music for your baby. Playing some soft musical CDs for your 6-week-old can offer the exact same comfort that movement does, reports Sing your baby a song as another way to offer convenience.

Step 4

Rub your 6-week-old’s back. Place your baby on her belly on a blanket or throughout your lap and carefully provide her a back rub, recommends Providing your baby a warm bath while you massage her may also work.

Step 5

Hold and snuggle your baby. Keep your baby close, recommends, since it may soothe him while he is weeping. Use a baby sling or baby carrier so you can have your hands complimentary and continue holding your 6-week-old.

Step 6

Switch on a source of white sound or background noise to relieve your baby. Run the vacuum cleaner to offer one source of sound that might motivate your 6-week-old to stop crying. A clothes dryer or white noise device can likewise help. Try utilizing a fan or a CD of nature sounds, includes

Step 7

Swaddle your baby in a blanket and put her in a dark space. Some babies need a decline in stimulation to soothe them. Get rid of any type of stimulation from the space, recommends, to assist promote relaxation.


If you seem like you prepare to snap, call somebody to help you immediately.
Put your baby in her crib, close the door and leave. Your baby will be safe in her baby crib while you clear your mind and take a break.


Ask a friend or relative for aid so you can have a break from the crying. Stroll or opt for a short shopping trip to assist clear your mind and unwind.


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