How to Soothe Baby’s Sore Throat

How to Soothe Baby's Sore Throat

A baby’s sore throat is frequently triggered by a cold or flu virus. A lot of viral infections are not treated with medication and go away by themselves within 7 to 10 days. Thankfully your infant’s discomfort does not need to last that long. Home remedies can help reduce the pain of a sore throat and make swallowing and sleeping a bit more comfortable.

It’s not uncommon for your baby or toddler to have a sore throat– usually she has pain, pain or just a raw feeling, specifically when she swallows. However it may be difficult for her to point it out to you particularly, considering that she may have difficulty identifying what hurts.

How to Soothe Baby’s Sore Throat


Run a humidifier in your baby’s room to add moisture to the air. Dry air might make it difficult for babies to swallow while sleeping. Include a few drops of necessary oils such as eucalyptus, sage or thyme; the vapors assist sooth a sore throat.

Cool off

Provide your baby a frozen washcloth or frozen breastmilk or formula popsicle to relieve the throat. To avoid choking, monitor the baby while he is drawing on the washcloth or popsicle. This also assists keep the baby hydrated.

How to Soothe Baby's Sore Throat

Hydrate Baby

Offer as much breast milk or formula as your baby desires. Drawing from the breast or a bottle keeps the back of the throat wet, which might soothe a sore throat. If the baby will not drink warm liquids, attempt cool liquids to supply relief. Do not offer infants under two months additional water as too much water can cause oral water intoxication.


Honey is often used as a natural home remedy for sore throats. Never use honey for children under one year of age– it can cause botulism in a baby’s digestive tract. Over-the- counter cold medications are likewise not suggested for children under two years of age. Viral infections are extremely contagious, so clean your hands and your baby’s hands often.

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