How to Soothe Baby’s Itchy Scalp

How to Soothe Baby's Itchy Scalp

A child may develop an itchy scalp for a variety of factors, from cradle cap to hair shampoo that irritates to skin conditions such as eczema. Itchy scalp can posture a small inflammation, or if left without treatment, it can lead to more major concerns such as a painful rash or open sores. Some problems can be treated with natural home remedy, but a doctor will need to assess persistent or severe itching or rash.

A few of the most typical causes are dandruff, dry scalp, sebaceous cysts, extreme anxiety, bad hair care, fungus and viral infections, and poor diet.

How to Soothe Baby’s Itchy Scalp

Change Bathing Regimen

In some cases, a child can get an itchy scalp from inflammation during bath time. Washing the hair every day or utilizing hot water can both cause inflammation. Dr. Jim Sears states that it is just essential to clean kids’ hair about once a week which more frequent cleaning can dry out the scalp, triggering it to end up being itchy. When a child’s hair get unpleasant before it’s time to wash, rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

Altering Shampoos

Numerous hair shampoos have severe chemical components that can dry the scalp– even those created for children. If children experience itchy scalp, parents can attempt changing to a shampoo that is specially created for delicate skin. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests picking hair shampoos that are without scents and other additives. Parents must look for shampoo that is specially developed for children since they have more delicate skin than adults and some hair shampoos that might be mild on adults may be irritating to children.

How to Soothe Baby's Itchy Scalp

Mild Hair Care

Parents can assist to decrease inflammation to the scalp by practicing gentle hair care. Rather of rubbing a towel over the hair to dry it or utilizing a blow clothes dryer, parents ought to pat the hair dry or let it air dry. They can arrange some quiet play time or story time after bath to let the hair dry prior to bed. Using a soft, bristled brush can also be gentler on the scalp than plastic or hard-bristled brushes.

Moisturize the Scalp

If the skin on the scalp has actually become inflamed, a good moisturizer can be relaxing and relieve itching. Olive oil and baby oil are both great options for children considering that they are natural and won’t irritate the surrounding area. If there are scabs or crusty areas on the scalp, parents can rub a little of the oil into the area to soften them. The oil needs to be rinsed totally with hair shampoo after a few minutes, or it can result in a rash.

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One comment for “How to Soothe Baby’s Itchy Scalp

  • It is normal for a newborn to have itchy scalp. While there are no obvious ulcers and wounds, just help the baby cope with this itch. Changing the skin on the head should take place naturally. It is not necessary to apply the creams or oil. Just a little olive oil.

    But before you realize that this is a normal process, not a disease of the scalp, you should consult a pediatrician.

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