How to Soothe Baby’s Gums

How to Soothe Baby's Gums

Did you know that some babies are actually born with teeth already emerged? What a sight! However for most babies, teething occurs sometime in the first year, frequently near 6 months. It’s no joke, either. Teething pain can turn even the most relaxed baby into a hot mess.

And who can blame them? Sharp teeth pushing through tender tissue sounds, well, uncomfortable. So what can you provide for your sweet baby? You have lots of choices beyond the standard ibuprofen that are safe and reliable at decreasing pain and swelling during those tumultuous teething days.

Numerous parents believe that teething causes fever and diarrhea, however researchers say this isn’t true. Teething can cause signs and symptoms in the mouth and gums– however not elsewhere in the body.

How to Soothe Baby’s Gums

Teething signs

Understanding if your baby’s irritation is because of teething can give you a heads up on how you can help (and helps you know that it will undoubtedly pass!). Here are some signs to look for:

  • Biting
  • Extreme drool
  • Fussiness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fever, rash, diaper rash, cold symptoms, diarrhea
  • Decreased cravings
  • Pulling ears or rubbing chin or cheeks

Natural teething treatments

So if baby is definitely, for sure, getting some teeth … what can you do? Here are some tips for helping your baby’s pain from the inside out.

Lower any inflammation

Swelling from teething can promote nerves that cause pain. Reducing inflammation is one way you can assist relieve baby’s pain.

  • Low swelling diet. White foods such as refined sugar and flour, potatoes, and even dairy can cause inflammation. Focus on paleo-type foods– a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, pastured meats, wild seafood, sufficient healthy fats (coconut, avocado, butter) and entire eggs.
  • Lower stress. Make sure baby is getting enough rest and consuming healthy foods in addition to breastmilk or formula. Over time, stress can cause inflammation.
  • Balance blood sugar level. This is another crucial way to lower stress levels, as blood sugar swings (low and high) need the stress hormones to obtain involved to keep blood glucose steady (yes, even in babies and young children!). To keep blood sugar levels even keel, focus on whole foods instead of extremely processed treats. For meals and treats, attempt to match healthy carbohydrates (like sweet potatoes and fruit) with some protein and a lot of healthy fats to keep baby’s blood glucose levels steady to reduce stress on the adrenal glands.

Boost the body immune system

There is some argument whether teething causes fevers and colds by lowering the body immune system, or whether the two occurring at the exact same time is simply a coincidence. However, numerous parents have seen a runny nose or fever while baby is cutting teeth. At the minimum, enhancing the immune system cannot injure and can assist avoid baby dealing with double conditions.

  • Continue breastfeeding. Baby gets antibodies from your breastmilk to help build her immune system.
  • Provide baby vitamin D. Much of us (and our babies) are vitamin D lacking due to the fact that of insufficient time outside in direct sunlight (winter in northern environments, anybody?!). Babies can take liquid vitamin D drops to obtain their levels up to a regular variety. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in supporting body immune system function.
  • Offer baby probiotics. Considering that most of the body immune system resides in the gut, building healthy gut flora is very important for optimal overall health and resistance.

Cold and pressure

Among the earliest tricks in the book, utilizing cold and pressure to helps baby’s aching gums is still an outstanding remedy. Believe. safe items that can be frozen and then used to chew on. The cold assists numb the area, and the pressure is relaxing for swollen gums. Here are some examples:

  • Frozen washcloths. Let baby chew on them after they come out of the freezer.
  • Frozen fruit or veggies (put in a mesh or silicone teether for small babies).
  • A cold spoon.
  • Natural solid wood toys. The roughness of the wood is extremely relaxing for some babies. Pick a brand that uses natural water-based sealants or food grade dyes, like this one.
  • Natural teething biscuits. These biscuits are easy to make and don’t include questionable components like the ones you purchase in the store (even the organic ones!). They can be kept in the fridge for a cooler treat.

Teething toys

Something to chew on is often all your baby really needs to make it through the pain of teething. There are great deals of alternatives for teething toys that are likewise safe and non-toxic.

Silicone teething rings– Made of safe silicone, rather than latex or plastic, this teether is a safe option.

Wooden teethers– What works for one baby may not work for the next, so if silicone and rubber don’t do it, attempt a wood teether. The texture may be just right for your baby. Just understand that teethers like this one have to be oiled or (bees) waxed prior to use.

How to Soothe Baby's Gums

What about Sophie the giraffe?

Sophie used to be the gold-standard when it pertained to natural teething toys. But there’s been controversy just recently after some mommies discovered mold inside their toys when they cut them open. Till the producer resolves this problem, we don’t advise this teether.

Teething necklaces

If you have actually been around the natural mama circuit, you have actually most likely seen those adorable amber lockets on babies. They are really teething lockets. The idea is that baby’s body heat activates the baltic amber to launch an oil that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory. Whether they work is up for debate. Numerous parents swear by them, while others are less sure. If you do opt to attempt an amber teething pendant, be sure to eliminate it when baby goes to sleep, or cover it around a wrist or ankle as numerous parents do. Likewise, bear in mind that there are great deals of fake amber teething pendants, so be sure you’re getting a real one.

Another alternative is a teething necklace for mom. These pendants are made from silicone and are excellent for baby to use while sitting in mother’s lap or in a baby provider. They likewise serve as something to fiddle with for baby while she nurses, which is rather the relief when you have a fiddle-happy baby!

Herbal treatments

Parents have actually been using natural remedies for hundreds of years to help ease their baby’s teething pain (and loads of other ailments). Here are some concepts:

  • Rosehip– Loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidants, rosehip tea is fantastic for enhancing the immune system. Furthermore, rosehip has been shown to consist of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chamomile– Chamomile is a popular solution for teething pain. It helps relax and relieve irritation.
  • Catnip– Catnip is said to soothe irritable babies and help them rest.
  • Clove– Clove is a natural anesthetic and has actually been revealed to work in addition to benzocaine at relieving pain vs. placebo.

Any of these herbs can be made into a tea, which can be used to dampen wash clothes before freezing. You can likewise give the tea to baby as a drink, or rub it straight on the gums. To make a tea, boil water and steep 1 tsp of herbs in 10 oz, of water for 6– 7 minutes.

You can likewise make a herbal infusion that can be rubbed directly onto the gums. In a small pan, place your herbs and cover with olive oil. Simmer on low for 4– 6 hours. Strain and store in the refrigerator. Dab some oil onto baby’s gums as needed.

Natural teething treatments: so basic!

Teething isn’t really fun, but thankfully there are lots of things you can do to help baby cope. Start with optimum health to relieve excess inflammation. Then attempt a few of these basic and natural solutions that can assist relieve pain at the gums. Soon, baby will be back to normal … up until the next tooth comes in!

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