How to Soothe Baby Upset Stomach

How to Soothe Baby Upset Stomach

Babies with gas or an upset stomach will be uneasy however typically do not need medical attention. Nevertheless, Baby Center recommends that parents call their baby’s pediatrician if he appears ill. Common causes of stomach pain and gas in infants consist of colic, reflux, a stomach bug, food intolerance, constipation or a digestive clog. Many home remedies can alleviate symptoms and assist a baby feel better. Parents ought to talk these treatments over with their child’s doctor prior to using them, to be sure a suitable approach is being used.

There are a variety of home remedies that can help ease the symptoms of a stomach upset and assist your baby feel much better. Parents are expected to talk these home treatments over with their child’s pediatrician before they use them so as to make certain that they are suitable.

How to Soothe Baby Upset Stomach

Provide it Some Time

According to, a baby has an immature immune system at birth and may experience gas as her system ends up developing. If a parent can not find a cause of the gas or stomach pain, giving it time will frequently lead to a relief of the symptoms. However, if a baby is in severe pain. she needs medical intervention immediately since an intestinal tract blockage may exist.


A gassy baby may get remedy for a parent gently rubbing his stomach., states that this can assist move the gas bubbles along. Positioning a baby in a warm bath will also soothe his belly and make him more comfortable and unwinded.

How to Soothe Baby Upset Stomach

Burping Baby

According to Kids Health, babies who are gassy or fussy may have lots of air that was swallowed as they ate. Taking breaks during feeding sessions to obtain a baby to burp will help reduce the buildup of air in her belly. Gently patting her back up until she burps while holding her upright against a shoulder or throughout the lap is a great way to obtain the air out. Using a cloth under her chin will avoid spit-up from getting on clothing or furniture.


A number of gas and indigestion medications are readily available for babies. The most common medication is a simethicone drop, such as Mylicon. It works by breaking down the gas bubbles in a baby’s stomach and intestinal tracts. says that the medication might work in minimizing gas bubbles but does not always minimize crying connected with the gas and upset stomach. Use simethicone drops as recommended by a baby’s pediatrician.

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