How to Soothe Baby After Circumcision

How to Soothe Baby After Circumcision

Circumcision is a procedure to get rid of the skin covering the end of the penis, called the foreskin. While a baby circumcision normally only takes 5 minutes, hearing your child cry during or after the procedure is often disturbing. Wishing to relax a baby who’s fussy after a circumcision is natural.

The birth of your baby boy requires a decision relating to whether you desire him to be circumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics leaves the option to the parents. The pain he will experience can factor into your choice. Although it is hard to see your youngster in distress, you can assist him through the recovery procedure with soothing measures after the circumcision, knowing that thousands of baby young boys throughout history have actually endured this initiation rite and “this too shall pass.”

How to Soothe Baby After Circumcision

Hold Your Baby

Immediately after the circumcision is over, hold your baby close. If he’s agitated and picky, aim to soothe him by rocking him in your arms, speaking gently and making soothing sounds. Normally, numbing agents, such as a topical cream or an injectable anesthetic, are used to decrease the pain. In addition to anesthesia, an acetaminophen suppository is in some cases placed into the infant’s rectum. This helps in reducing pain during the procedure and for a number of hours afterward. So if your child is sobbing following the procedure, it’s probably more from fear than pain. Your warmth and familiar odor and voice should help soothe him. Rub his head and rub or pat his back.

How to Soothe Baby After Circumcision

Sucrose Pacifier

You can provide your infant a sucrose pacifier before, during and after the procedure. According to the KidsHealth website, a pacifier dipped in sugar water can help reduce stress and discomfort. Infants have a natural drawing reflex– and often draw to self-soothe. While the act of sucking on a pacifier can help soothe your baby during and after his circumcision, the sweetness can even more help him unwind.

Take Your Infant From the Space

If your child was circumcised during a religious ceremony, you may think about taking him to another room after the procedure. Discover a peaceful location away from member of the family and friends so he does not get overwhelmed or overstimulated. If the circumcision was performed in your house, for example, you may opt to sit on the couch in a back room or go upstairs to the nursery where you may have a rocking chair or glider. Stay together in this calm space until he has a chance to recover.


Nursing is a method of convenience for a lot of babies– and being close to mom assists alleviate stress and anxiety. According to the Sutter Health site, breastfeeding can assist calm babies even if they’re not hungry. You can try breastfeeding your baby as quickly as possible after the procedure. Allow your baby to nurse for as long as he wants. He may even drop off to sleep.

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