Signs of Stress in a 5 Month Old Baby



A 5-month-old baby may present to signs of stress since his brain is still establishing and is unsure how to handle demanding situations. Tending to him when he is stressed out will help him discover how to end up being calm during times of stress. According to PBS, stress is a healthy response that teaches us how to react quickly to circumstances and how to learn to calm down. Nevertheless, excessive stress can cause health issue, so learn how to determine your baby’s stress and calm him with things like calming, cuddling or rocking.


The Ohio State University Medical center specifies that some motions can suggest signs of stress in a baby. If your baby arches her back while weeping or flails her limbs, she may be worried to a point where she is not able to soothe herself down. Attempt covering her in a blanket and taking her into a dark and peaceful room or provide her a pacifier or little bottle to relax her down.


Unmanageable weeping can be a sign of stress in a 5-month-old baby. He might weep due to sensory overload, which happens when his establishing senses are exposed to a lot of lights, sounds and people. This sensory overload may affect him a lot more if he is aiming to eat. Try to eliminate as much of the commotion around your baby as possible. If you are unable to manage his sobbing, call his doctor to be sure something else isn’t wrong.

Trouble Sleeping

A baby under stress might get up frequently throughout the night or experience night terrors where she gets up screaming and weeping. A 5-month-old does not wake up as typically as a newborn baby, so if she is having difficulty sleeping it needs to be simple to spot. If she is not bonding with a parent or is exposed to a lot of tension in her home, the stress may affect her into the night. If she has problem sleeping, comfort her as much as possible and speak with her doctor if you are unable to find out the problem.

Physical Stress

If a baby is under physical stress, he is most likely experiencing issues in his gastrointestinal tract. He might spit up often, be constipated or strain to have bowel movements. If this holds true, keep him upright after feedings and ask his doctor about safe constipation solutions. If he seems in stress and you believe it may be due to the fact that he is trying to pass a defecation, massage his belly to help things along.


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