Signs a Newborn Needs to Be Burped

It prevails knowledge that infants burp after breastfeeding or consuming a bottle. Air that is gulped down, specifically during bottle feeding produces digestive discomfort and is soothed by burping. Given that breastfed children are typically fed in a more upright position and are more in control of the flow of milk, they might need less burping.

Squirmy Baby

As the newborn feeds, or soon after he is finished, he might start to squirm. This can include kicking his feet, moving his hips and shaking his arms. Squirming may indicate indigestion or discomfort and the have to burp.

Little Hesitations

In some cases your newborn baby will tell you that she has to burp by hesitating when it comes time to switch to the other breast or to complete the second half of a bottle. The hesitation may be accompanied by some fussing or crying, or it may simply occur with no other signs. In any case, stop the feeding and try to burp her. A marked decrease in the speed she is eating may be another sign.

signs your baby needs to burp


Pained facial expressions are a guaranteed sign something is wrong. Eating must be satisfying and gratifying, and if he looks troubled and is grimacing, stop the feeding and see if he requires burping. Weeping may accompany his facial expressions if the discomfort level is high.

Mothers experience

Both my sons had to be fed by bottle early on (my spouse didn’t produce adequate to breast-feed). What we experienced was that if we didn’t take a time out to burp in the middle of the meal, he would most likely gulp up when finished. So for us it was basically two times for each meal (one in the middle of the meal, and one after finished). It was not always easy to “produce” a burp, but it deserved it. We typically saw that when we couldn’t get a burp for some factor, it was likely that he would get some stomach ache later.

Ours were breast-fed, but I got to feed them a bottle as the last feed before night-time sleep. They all required a burp after that bottle. Usually they got the entire thing down in the past requiring a burp, nevertheless occasionally they would slow right down before completing, and inevitably a burp was all that was required before finishing off the bottle.

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