Is It Safe for Babies to Sleep With Pacifier

Is It Safe for Babies to Sleep With Pacifier

For babies who find fantastic comfort in sucking beyond the requirement for nutrition, pacifiers can be helpful at bedtime.

If you’re nursing your baby, wait till he’s a month old to provide him a pacifier, to make sure breastfeeding is well established. And don’t use the pacifier as a substitute for nurturing. Attempt cuddling, swaddling, rocking, and singing to your baby to lull him to sleep first. Dim the lights and place on some soft music. And during his waking hours, be sure to offer a lot of nurturing (rather than a pacifier) as well.

There are advantages and disadvantages to pacifier use. Some research studies show that a pacifier at sleep times seems to have a protective effect versus SIDS (sudden baby death syndrome). On the other side, babies who use a pacifier after age 6 months have an increase in middle ear infections, yeast infections (in the mouth), and intestinal tract infections.

Is It Safe for Babies to Sleep With Pacifier

Some parents find that while a pacifier comforts their baby and assists him get to sleep, he’ll wake up during the night and cry if he’s unable to discover it. If this takes place, you might have to get up frequently at night to retrieve the binky. Another prospective risk: If your baby has a cold and can’t breathe through his nose, he’ll be much more miserable if he depends on a pacifier for comfort.

As long as your child quits the pacifier by around age 5, there’s most likely no have to worry about long-lasting dental issues. That’s because during the early months and years, your child just has baby teeth; long-term teeth normally don’t appear up until around age 6. Reference to your child’s dental expert that he uses a pacifier, though, and she’ll watch for issues at each checkup, just in case.


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