Red Bumps on Baby’s Knees


Red bumps can develop on the knees for a range of factors. These bumps can be painful, annoying and unpleasant in look. Although bumps on the knees are not generally cause for alarm, it is very important for the patient to understand what type of conditions can cause them– and what treatments are available.


Red bumps on the knees can be accompanied by a change of texture to the skin. The bumps can be flaky, patchy, bright in color and blister-like. In addition, they might include a pus product that can ooze and lead to a crust over the top of the bump. The skin on and around the bump can also become inflamed and conscious the touch.

Causes of Red Bumps on Baby’s Knees

The MedlinePlus website keeps in mind that red bumps on the knees can be due to call dermatitis, which is when the skin experiences an annoying compound. Among these substances include rubber, latex, soaps, cleaning agents, dyes in clothes or poison ivy. Red bumps can likewise be caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Often shaving can cause ingrown hairs or staph infections such as barber’s itch, which can lead to red bumps on the knees.

red spot on baby's knee

Treatment for Red Bumps on Knees

To treat red bumps on baby’s knees, a doctor or skin specialist might suggest an emollient moisturizer that can help soothe irritation and keep wetness in the skin. Antihistamines or calamine cream can likewise be useful, particularly if the red bumps are connected with an allergen or an annoying object like toxin oak. A warm compress can help relieve the skin and encourage drain. A doctor may also prescribe an antifungal medication or a topical or oral antibiotic.


According to the KidsHealth site, it is possible to prevent red bumps from developing on the knees in many cases. A child needs to avoid irritating substances such as nickel or aromatic body products. Eczema symptoms can be reduced by avoiding hot showers, harsh soaps and direct exposure to the sun. Red bumps caused by barber’s itch or ingrown hairs can be reduced by using a fresh, sharp razor and not pulling the skin taught with every shave.


The AskDrSears site warns that some types of rash-like bumps on the knees need immediate doctor’s attention. Among these rashes, called petechiae, occurs when the blood vessels underneath the skin rupture. The skin might look as if a red ink pen was used to draw tiny dots on the surface of the skin. Another harmful rash, purpua, develops likewise but the coloring of the spot can be darker in appearance.


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