Probiotics for Infants vs. Acid Reflux


Heartburn is a typical issue in infants. Parents typically have a hard time to find a method to make their children more comfy and help them spit up less. Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial for a number of problems with the gut, but there is some question about whether they may be valuable for infants with reflux symptoms. Some clinical evidence supports making use of probiotics to ease baby stomach discomfort.

Reflux in Babies

Extreme crying after eating is a sign your baby might have reflux.

So, what you should know about probiotics and acid reflux in Infants? Babies are at a higher risk for acid reflux because the muscular tissue above the stomach is not fully developed yet. This allows stomach contents, including acid, to leave the stomach and aggravate the esophagus. A small amount of reflux is regular in infants. Extreme reflux can cause problems, however, including persistent spitting up, arching the back, weeping after feeds, and bad weight gain. Reflux may often be a cause of colic.

Advantages of Probiotics

Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria that normally reside in the intestinal tracts and do not cause disease. According to a review released in the journal “Pediatrics” in 2010, taking probiotics, discovered in yogurt or taken as dietary supplements, has actually been shown to be handy in a variety of child health issue including antibiotic-associated diarrhea and eczema. The review short article explains that the bacteria in probiotics are thought to regulate, or change, the body immune system to decrease inflammation in the body.

probiotics for infants benefits

Probiotics in Reflux

A study released in the “European Journal of Clinical Investigation” in 2011 looked at the results of probiotics on reflux in infants. The research study showed that offering the children the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri seemed to help with reflux by triggering food to move through the stomach quicker. The infants who had the probiotic had less spitting up than babies that got a placebo.

Probiotics for Your Baby

Probiotics are normally extremely safe for infants with a healthy body immune system, according to “Pediatrics.” Still, more studies are required before a strong recommendation can be made relating to making use of probiotics to treat infant reflux. If your baby has reflux, talk about probiotic use with a pediatrician.


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