Probiotics for Infants after Antibiotics


Among the most asked concerns I enter my inbox is how to give a baby probiotics after antibiotics. More and more parents are getting informed and getting up to the fact that gut health is the structure of all health and that if the bad bacteria takes control of in your digestive system, you are basically screwed.

However rest simple, it can be resolved with the right tools and some effort!

In a ‘ideal’ world, pregnant mother would be eating a perfect, nutrition thick diet filled with raw, cultured dairy, and fermented beverages and vegetables-both full of probiotics, eating little to no grains and sugar and would have ideal digestion. She would have medium brown poop, that drifts, and she would go three times a day after every meal. That she, then in turn, would pass that best digestion on to her baby, by means of the bacteria in amniotic fluid and in her vagina when she delivers.

However the unfortunate truth is that many women have been on the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet for years. They eat lots of grains and sugars that feed the bad bacteria, which likewise suggests that not just do not get sufficient nutrients entering their bodies in the first place, their digestion is so bad they can’t absorb it anyway. And on top of poor diet, they have probably been on birth control for several years and done many rounds of antibiotics, even more eliminating the great bacteria in their gut.

probiotics for infants benefits

And then that gets all passed to the baby. The quality of digestion and amount of good bacteria in mom is exactly what is provided to baby, for much better or worse.

Infants are not supposed to have allergies, eczema, colic, or gas. They are not expected to be constipated for days or have ridiculous blow out poops. They are not supposed to be insanely picky after a feeding and spit up like insane. They are not expected to get lots of colds, fevers, or have weak body immune systems overall. They are not supposed to be skinny either.

Another sad truth to add and complicate matters– children who are not born vaginally do not get access to the great bacteria in mama’s vagina (if she has them in the first place) and instead that baby needs to aim to inoculate their system based on a sterilized operating space. Then if those babies are fed formula or poor quality breastmilk, as their first food, the bad bacteria has such a leg up at that point, that a life time fight has been set up for that baby to keep the bad bacteria in their system in check.

Ugh, I understand this is type of depressing and hard to read especially if you are like me and were not able to give your baby ideal digestion, however keep checking out please.

So what to do if you had a poor diet in pregnancy, or perhaps you had a great diet in pregnancy, however you yourself were talented with a weak and compromised digestion system from your own mom and you passed that on to your baby?

Give them Probiotics

If your baby is colicky or has other healthy issues, and you are nursing, it would be excellent to enhance your diet too. If you can, leave grains or a minimum of gluten, get off white sugar, get off processed dairy (as well as raw for some time)- all things that feed the bad bugs. You will see a huge enhancement in your food digestion, and thus the quality of your milk and ease for your baby to digest your milk. If you and your baby still require more recovery, you may want to think about doing a heavy duty-yeast cleanse/gut healing a la the GAPS Diet.

To obtain probiotics in your diet, you can begin taking probiotics supplements, and begin eating and drinking raw fermented foods.

You wish to change your diet, since what you eat, and the state of your food digestion, is what you are offering your baby both in pregnancy and during lactation! Your body doesn’t magically pull nutrients out of thin air and it doesn’t magically pull good bacteria from thin air either.

And then to further support your infants digestion, give them probiotic also. Some individuals have asked why they must give probiotics to baby if they are breastfeeding and taking probiotics themselves and my very unfancy response is that they require all the help they can get. The age of the robust babies ended at about the 1950’s and ever since each generation is just getting weaker and digestion more and more compromised.

This is what you can do to give your baby probiotics beginning at about day 3:

  • Put some fermented sauerkraut liquid on your finger and let them suck.
  • Put some powdered probiotics on your finger and let them draw. Or put it on your nipple. Or just spray it on their tongue.
  • If you are bottle nursing, just put some in a bottle and blend it up.

For the first 8 weeks, simply a small pinch will do. Then at about 3 months old, you can do 1/4 teaspoon once daily. Gradually increase as they get older, Penelope at 3.5 years of ages, gets 3/4 teaspoon of powdered probiotics every day, on top of about 4 ounces of kombucha. I give her probiotics in the morning when she first wakes up on an empty stomach.

Any great quality powdered probiotics will do, it doesn’t even need to be specifically branded for children. Here and here (both of those are dairy and gluten complimentary) are a couple that I have attempted.

When I was pregnant with Penelope I ate quite well (organic foods, grass-fed meats, raw dairy), however my diet was still high in grains and sugar. And I had actually a compromised digestive system to start off with thanks to the digestion I inherited from my mother and from myself being born by cesarean.

Probiotics after Antibiotics

On top of that, I had a bad sinus infection in the last few weeks or so before I gave birth. I was persuaded she wasn’t coming out, because I was ill, so I gave in and took a round of antibiotics. I was on antibiotics for the several days prior to I gave birth and for about 5 days after I gave birth. I will permanently feel guilty for wiping out my own great bacteria right prior to I delivered and injuring my daughter while doing so. I understand her eczema, food allergies and now SPD are all related to the food digestion system that I gave her. I can’t undo the past however I can help my daughter heal as much as possible and offering her probiotics is as easy as it gets. And I can forgive myself and just keep relocating the right instructions, one foot in front of the other, understanding that everything takes place for a factor and is implied to be.


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