How Often Should You Burp a Newborn While Breastfeeding?


When babies are feeding, they swallow a great deal of air. If your newborn is not effectively burped, painful gas and abdominal discomfort may happen. When you are breastfeeding, the timing of burping your newborn can be tricky, given you do not know the number of ounces the baby is consuming. Nevertheless, breastfed children have the tendency to need fewer occurrences of burping, given they swallow less air during feedings.

How often should you burp a baby while breastfeeding?

The perfect time to burp a breastfed newborn is when changing breasts. For instance, after feeding your newborn for 10 minutes using your left breast, burp her then switch to the right breast for the remainder of the feeding. As infants grow older and become better feeders, you might just need to burp the baby as soon as at the end of each breastfeeding session.

Factors to consider

If your milk is streaming too rapidly or if the newborn has the tendency to swallow rapidly, he may have to be burped more often. Feeding the baby in an upright position at an angle greater than 45 degrees reduces how much air he takes in while breastfeeding. The baby ought to also be close to the breast and not dangling away from your chest.

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In the case that the newborn does not burp between breasts or after a feeding, do not require it. Breastfed babies eat smaller sized and more frequent meals, which causes them to take in less air. When you do burp the newborn, carefully pat her back while lying throughout your lap, propped up over your shoulder or leaned forward while staying up.


Unless your baby seems uncomfortable, do not pull him away from the breast for burping. You may find it challenging to get him to lock on once again after you have abruptly stopped the feeding. Signs of the baby’s discomfort include squirming, sobbing or pulling on and off the breast. To eliminate the baby from your breast without triggering discomfort, place your finger in his mouth and carefully pull him far from the nipple.


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