How Often Does a Breastfed Baby Poop?


What goes in need to come out, so just about every feeding in the early weeks following birth needs to produce a bowel movement. The number and type of motions your baby has will indicate whether he’s getting enough to eat.

How often should a newborn breastfed baby poop?

During the meconium stage (the first few days after birth), your baby may have four or 5 tarry, dark, greenish-black stools spread out over two or 3 days. As your colostrum develops into mature milk, he must have at least two to five bowel movements in a 24-hour period for the first six weeks. He may even have had a defecation every time you change his diaper throughout the day.

You’ll discover that you’ll change the most diapers with your newborn. A newborn baby can balance around 12 changes in a 24-hour period however you may be eliminated to hear that this does slow down as your baby ages (phew!) This is the time nevertheless when your diaper disposal unit will be your buddy.

What your baby is fed can also determine how frequently they poop. Breast milk consists of a natural laxative, so breastfed babies can poop more often, specifically in the early days. Formula is harder for infants to absorb, which changes the texture of their poop to make it more solid. This means it’s more likely for them to become constipated.

how often should a breastfed baby poop at 3 months
How often should a breastfed baby poop?

But prior to you reach for the prune juice, it’s most likely handy to understand that it is completely normal for children to strain and cry when passing a poop. This alone does not indicate that they are constipated. As long as the poop is soft, everything is great.

After six weeks, it’s normal for some infants to have less defecation, though others may continue having frequent ones. Do not be alarmed if your baby has a bowel movement only as soon as a week. He’s not constipated unless his stools are hard and dry. If your baby’s producing loose, unformed stools with a pea soup consistency and cottage cheese-like curds, he’s getting an excellent balance of foremilk and hindmilk. Don’t be worried if his diaper overflows!

How often should a breastfed baby poop after starting solids?

Once your solely breastfed baby begins eating solids (between 6 and 8 months of age), his stools will get firmer and have a more powerful odor.

When a breastfed baby first began solids he may have one poop (sometimes big one) every 2 to 3 days. After few weeks it comes to normal by having smaller sized more solid poops one or two times a day.


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