Natural Remedy for Baby Sinus Congestion



According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the United States Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory that over the counter cough and cold medications should not be used in babies and children under the age of two. Sinus congestion is uneasy for babies and uneasy for parents. It is brought on by the inflammation of the nasal passage lining. The blockage leads to headaches, difficulty breathing through the nose, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Congestion can be due to allergies, the cold, and other diseases. Sinus blockage is frequently alleviated at home unless it leads to severe feeding problems or is accompanied by a fever.

Humidify the Air

Nasal passages can be inflamed by warm, dry air. Putting a business humidifier in the space with your child while she sleeps can add wetness to the air. The AAP recommends a cool mist humidifier or a vaporizer be placed several feet away from the baby’s bed. The moisture in the air can help relieve the swelling of the nasal passages. It can also minimize the chances of a sore throat in the early morning if your child is compelled to breathe through her mouth since of the congestion.

Nose Moisture

Saline nasal spray consists of a mix of salt and water. It comes in different sized bottles to fit the nose of infants and children. Small infants can get the nasal spray lying down and as drops rather of mist. Once the infant is a bit older, she can have a small mist of the saline solution sent out up her nose. The option will include moisture to the nasal passages and the saline will assist loosen up the mucus that is triggering the blockage. According to the AAP, increasing the fluid consumption of a baby and using saline option will thin the mucus that is obstructed in the sinuses.

Removing Mucus

Until a baby is old enough to blow her nose, a bulb syringe may be used to eliminate the mucus from her nasal passages. This syringe has a long thin spout with a round bulb at the end. By squeezing the bulb suction is created. To remove mucus, the parent needs to squeeze the bulb, put the syringe idea slightly inside the nose, and rapidly release the bulb. It is essential to cleanse the syringe with warm water and soap to eliminate bacteria and mucus residue. Older babies might have the ability to blow their nose often enough to remove the mucus that has been loosened.


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