Maclaren Quest Stroller – Red – Review

Maclaren Quest Stroller - Red - Review

MacLaren Quest Stroller

I want to tell you about my light wheelchair-canes-Maclaren Quest New model 2016. This stroller weighs only 12.3 lbs and can be used from birth. Very well done and very well thought out.

Stroller hood

Stroller hood

The hood is large and increases with a zipper. It does not pass water and sunlight. The fabric has a special penetration, so the hood should be washed very carefully.

Stroller back

Stroller back

The back is soft, has 4 positions, including almost horizontal. The footboard has 2 positions.

Folding mechanism

Folding mechanism

The stroller folds compactly, there is a carrying handle, and there is also a strap that allows it to be carried on the shoulder.
Also, there is a loop on the handles, so that the stroller certainly will not run away from you.



5-point adjustable seat belts. The shoulder straps are additionally adjustable in height in 3 positions. Waist straps securely wrap around the child. The child will never open the lock, it was given to me with difficulty)).

For very small children, a mesh trap is provided on the footboard, also, on the back, we bend the bumper and the baby will certainly not slip out anywhere.

For very small children

The viewing window

The back has a window to see the baby and a pocket for small things.

The viewing window



The shopping basket is quite large.


The foot brake on the 2 rear wheels. Front wheels with locking capability.

The quality of performance and thoughtfulness of this stroller is very pleasing, each button has a brand logo, every detail is thought out. There are reflective inserts, which are also important.


  • compactness
  • lightweight
  • impregnated fabric
  • reliable brakes
  • large deep hood


  • you need to get used to the folding mechanism

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