Low Muscle Tone in Children


Low muscle tone in babies, referred to as hypotonia, might cause your baby to seem like a rag doll sometimes. Even an older infant with low muscle tone might be difficult to hold, given that his limbs increase without resistance. A floppy head and neck, jerky motions or relaxing with extended limbs all point to a possible problem, which left uncontrolled could become a serious problem for your baby’s future motor advancement and coordination. Working with your doctor, you can pick a treatment plan to assist exercise your baby’s muscle tone for stamina. 

Action 1

Talk with your pediatrician about the depth of your baby’s low muscle tone. For some, it’s a symptom of a major condition, such as an infection, Down syndrome, hypothyroidism or neurological concerns. Premature children also have a greater risk of hypotonia, because they are less established at birth.

Action 2

Swaddle your baby whenever possible. Swaddling can help with muscle tone, keeps in mind St. Mary’s Medical facility in Madison, Wisconsin, since your baby has something to withstand against. Ensure that when you swaddle your baby, her nose and mouth are clear of the blanket to prevent a suffocation risk.

Action 3

Place your baby on her stomach on a blanket on the floor, with her visit one side, and lure her to raise her head using toys and noises. This can help your baby increase muscle tone in her head and neck. Talk to your doctor before you implement “tummy time” like this.

Action 4

Enable independent sitting, crawling and other activities for your baby. Hypotonia can impact your baby’s motor advancement, which can then influence her development as she ages into a toddler, young child and beyond. If your baby’s hypotonia is mild and not related to a major condition, day-to-day workout can assist increase his total muscle tone.

Action 5

Set up regular consultations with your pediatrician to monitor your baby’s progress. Your doctor may recommend meeting with a physical therapist, who can assist you learn brand-new exercises to attempt at home. He will likewise have to keep an eye on the hidden conditions triggering your infant’s hypotonia, so it’s important to go to all visits.


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