Infant Sweating While Eating


Have you seen your baby sweating excessively while you are breastfeeding him? Is it more than a one-off circumstances, when you dismissed it as your baby sensation warm? Are you fretted that it could signify a prospective health issue? If you are unaware and curious to find out the cause of baby sweating while breastfeeding, keep reading!

Why Does Your Baby Sweat While Eating?

Lots of children sweat while they are breastfeeding, and it is a regular phenomenon. To be sure that everything is alright, you must still discuss it to the pediatrician when you choose your baby’s next health checkup.

While breastfeeding, you and your baby are in close contact, typically skin-to-skin and it can make your baby feel warm. It increases your baby’s body heat. To assist your baby control his temperature level, his body stimulates the natural procedure of cooling by starting to sweat.

Does It Indicate A Health Issue?

While it is usually normal for your baby to sweat a little while breastfeeding, extreme sweating could be a symptom of a prospective health problem. It is among the symptoms of pulmonary atresia, which is a type of hereditary heart disease.

The lung valve is an opening on the right side of the heart that helps regulate blood circulation to the lungs. In case of pulmonary atresia, the lung valve does not form correctly. As a result, the blood from the baby’s right ventricle can not reach the lungs. It leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the body.

infant sweating while eating

If your baby is exceedingly sweating while breastfeeding, it might also indicate the malfunctioning of his thyroid gland. Some babies deal with a condition called hyperthyroidism.

If your baby has a health issue that causes extreme sweating while breastfeeding, there will be more symptoms that you need to spot. Here are a few more symptoms you can look out for:

  • Your baby might have difficulty in breathing. He may breathe quickly or slowly and even gasp.
  • Additionally, your baby may constantly appear worn out and sluggish or may drop off to sleep while feeding all the time.
  • In some cases, your baby might not wish to feed at all.

Some children can suffer from cyanosis or establish a bluish tint to their skin.

The best way to make sure your baby gets the required treatment or care at the correct time is to speak right away to his doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms.

How To Reduce Baby Sweating While Breastfeeding?

Prior to you hit the panic button and rush to the doctor, here are a few tips that can help you make your baby feel more comfortable while eating.

  • Do not overdress your baby, presuming that he is feeling cold. Your baby’s body will naturally heat up while feeding, so including more layers will only make him feel uncomfortable, and he might not want to feed at all.
  • Make sure your baby is using cotton clothes during summertimes. Prevent making him wear a cap while he is eating, as keeping his head bare will help his body remain cool. If it is cold and you are feeding him during the winter months, you can dress up your kid in woolen clothes. Keep in mind never to make your baby wear polyester clothes as they will make him feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • While you are breastfeeding, you and your baby will remain in a tight embrace. Therefore, it is necessary that you take care of your clothes also, as what you wear will likewise impact your baby. Make certain you dress in light cotton clothing in the summer months that will help keep both you and your baby cool. Ensure the product is soft on your baby’s skin. If you are feeding during the winter months, inspect that your woolen garment does not touch your baby’s body directly, as it can cause skin inflammation.
  • Make sure the room temperature level is moderate and not too hot or cold. It is constantly a great idea to keep the spaces well-ventilated. It will keep your baby comfy and will likewise avoid any stuffiness in the room.
  • Do not cover your baby’s head or face using a cloak while you are nursing him at home. Use a cotton nursing cloak while breastfeeding him in public.
  • If your baby does appear uncomfortable, gently blow air over his go to reduce any sweating.

Attempt changing your baby’s position while breastfeeding him. Frequently, while you are nursing your child, his head lies cradled in the same position for long. It causes one part of his face and visit heat up, causing extreme sweating in that area. Ensure you change your baby’s position for a long time while changing breasts.

If you feel that your baby is still sweating a lot during eating in spite of following the above pointers, ensure you talk to his doctor about it.


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