Infant Bumped Head: When to Worry?


Jennifer Kwong * was changing Sophie’s * diaper when she averted to get hold of a sleeper. Because split second, the nine-month-old wriggled off her modification table and landed, head first, on the floor.

” There were no signs of injury, apart from her weeping, but because she could not tell me how she felt, I was frightened,” states the Moncton, NB, mommy.” I rushed her to the doctor. It ended up she was great, but I was gotten rid of with guilt for letting it happen.”

Many parents have felt the same sense of panic. However the majority of the time, if a baby bangs her head, she’ll be unharmed, except for perhaps a bruise or goose egg that can be alleviated with baby Tylenol and an ice pack. So how can parents know if it might be something more severe, like a moderate brain injury, typically called a concussion, which interrupts regular levels of brain function?

Watch for symptoms

Any loss of consciousness or deformity of the skull requires instant medical interest, states Ash Singhal, a paediatric neurosurgeon at the BC Children’s Medical facility in Vancouver. “However if a baby is awake, alert and acting typically, it’s not worrying.” He encourages parents to be careful for a day or two. “If you notice she’s acting different– vomiting, drowsy, irritable, consuming less, or having trouble utilizing a part of her body, go to the Emergency Room.” There’s no have to keep your baby awake if she isn’t really showing these symptoms.

When not to worry

Keep in mind that it’s not unusual for a baby to react to stress or injury by feeling a little sleepy, says Bruce Minnes, a paediatric emergency-medicine doctor at The medical facility for Sick Children in Toronto. “Relentless drowsiness may suggest something more severe, however do enable your baby to– sleep it will help her feel much better.” Concerned parents can inspect in one or two times. “If your baby is rousable and responsive, let her return to sleep. If she’s not rousable, get her assessed in the Emergency Room.” An Emergency Room see will consist of a couple of hours of observation. If the physicians are worried about brain swelling or bleeding, an X-ray or scan may help identify next actions.

It doesn’t mean you’re bad parents

Singhal reassures parents that moderate brain injuries tend to recover well on their own, without future ramifications. “A great deal of families are beside themselves when they come in,” he states. “It doesn’t suggest you’re bad parents. Be vigilant about it in the future, but otherwise, let it go and proceed.”


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