How to Help a Baby Poop Naturally


If your baby has difficult dry feces or cries when passing a bowel movement, she might be constipated. A baby can go a few days to a week without having a defecation and not be constipated if the feces are still coming out soft. From about 3 to 6 weeks, breastfed babies might only have defecation one or two times a week, while formula-fed babies usually have one everyday, according to Kids Health. Babies are extremely different, so evaluate what is normal for your baby and call your doctor if her regular pattern modifications.

Easy steps how to help your baby poop naturally

Step 1

Lie your baby on his back and press his knees gently towards his chest, then rotate them in a circular movement. If your baby is crawling, motivate him to crawl around a while.

Step 2

Massage your baby’s lower tummy. Procedure 3 fingers-width listed below the belly button and apply firm pressure. Once you feel firmness or a mass, use gentle pressure for about 3 minutes.

Step 3

Talk to your doctor about changing brand names of formula. Your baby might have a sensitivity or allergy to a particular brand.

Step 4

Provide you 2-month-old or older baby 1 oz. of prune juice with 1 oz. of water two times a day. Cut down as the constipation reduces.

Step 5

Give pureed prunes or pears to your baby if he is already on solids.

Step 6

Talk with your doctor about suppositories if absolutely nothing else is working.

What moms suggest

  • My baby had the poop issue (see baby poop color chart). There are infant suppositories you can acquire at just about any pharmacy. This causes your baby to alleviate himself within hours if not faster. If this is a continuous problem try changing formulas to a lactose totally free or soy formula if bottlefeeding and if breastfeeding keep a journal of what you eat to target the problem food. Also you can attempt small amounts of diluted prune juice or a tablespoon of Karo syrup in formula, these were guidelines from my doctor for my 2 month old, but you must constantly consult your doctor first. Also my doctor told me that some infants are born with an abnormally small rectum and that sometimes surgery is need to repair the problem.
  • For my 2 month old I needed to change formulas, and my pedi stated apple juice or prune juice 2 oz … Also she said dark karo syrup. But the apple juice worked terrific or any juices I purchased worked terrific they were natural baby gerber juices. See what your pedi suggests.


It’s typical for babies to grunt and strain a little when passing a defecation as they are lying on their backs and can’t use gravity to assist their bowels.


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