How to Give My Baby Vitamin D Drops?


A lot of full-term infants obtain enough vitamin D from breast or bottle-feeding or through exposure to the sun. Your infant may require a supplement if you are breastfeeding and your own levels of vitamin D are too low, as the quantity of vitamin D in your breast milk is directly related to how much of the vitamin you have in your body. She may likewise need vitamin D drops if she consumes a formula without vitamin D or takes in less than 32 oz. of formula everyday and invests less than Thirty Minutes of time in the sun weekly wearing only a diaper.

How to Give My Baby Vitamin D Drops?

Step 1

Check out the directions on the vitamin D drops product packaging. If you have any questions, consult your pharmacist or pediatrician prior to administering the drops to your baby.

Step 2

Open the supplement and fill the enclosed dropper to the 1 mL line to provide 400 IU of vitamin D, which is the basic dose.

Step 3

Hold your infant so that she is a little reclined to avoid the drops from lacking her mouth. She does not need to be completely reclined.

Step 4

Place the end of the dropper to the side of your baby’s mouth so that it points at her cheek. Squeeze the end of the dropper till all the liquid is removed. Aiming the liquid at the side of her mouth will help prevent gagging.

Step 5

Provide half the dose of vitamin D drops and provide your baby time to swallow and recuperate if she has problem taking the full dosage simultaneously. Once her mouth is clear, give her the remainder of the dosage.

Step 6

Drop the vitamin dose into formula, expressed breast milk, applesauce, cereal or another food if your baby refuses to swallow the drops.

Step 7

Offer your baby a missed out on dose as quickly as possible after you remember it. If more than 12 hours have actually passed given that the set up dose time, skip the missed dose. Do not administer two dosages on the very same day.

Step 8

Store vitamin D drops in a closed container and away from light, heat and wetness. Make sure the vitamin is saved out of the reach of children and pets.

Vitamin D Related Tips for Parents

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that breastfeeding mothers supplement their babies with 400 IU of vitamin D each day, beginning in the first few days of life.
  • Vitamin D is necessary for growth and for strong bones and teeth.
  • Provide your baby vitamin D drops before or after feedings.


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