Foods for Toddlers With Diaper Rash


Your young child might continue to have diaper rashes till she stops wearing diapers. These are typically not major and they often disappear by themselves. In most cases, your toddler can continue consuming her regular diet unless her diaper rash is triggered by a food sensitivity or a disease.


Diaper rash is brought on by rubbing, long term direct exposure to a wet diaper or diarrhea. Toddlers are vulnerable to diaper rash from diarrhea due to the fact that they are consuming a variety of foods. Some young children have level of sensitivities or allergies to specific foods, which can result in diarrhea and after that a diaper rash. Add in the fact that toddlers are susceptible to touch everything they see, and you have a dish for diarrhea brought on by infection also. A range of viruses and bacteria can cause diarrhea, such as gastroenteritis or rotovirus.


The treatment for diaper rash depends on the reason for the rash. If your young child’s rash is caused by chafing from the diaper, diaper cream will typically look after the problem. If the diaper rash is caused by diarrhea, determine the cause of the diarrhea. If your young child has diarrhea following the usage of a certain food, ask your pediatrician if you must decrease or eliminate the intake of that food. If you suspect that your young child is ill, the pediatrician can figure out if medication is needed or if a special diet will be enough to stop the diarrhea.

The BRAT Diet

The conventional method to halt diarrhea, and therefore diaper rash brought on by diarrhea, is the BRAT diet. Brat represents bread, rice, applesauce and toast. In addition to these staples, you can feed your young child pasta, soft-boiled eggs, yogurt with probiotics, grains and cereals. This starchy diet is easy to absorb and includes bulk to the stool, which can assist the diarrhea to dry up. Avoid providing your child fats, sugars or fruit juice, as these can worsen the diarrhea.

When to Consult The Pediatrician

Consult your pediatrician if your young child’s diaper rash establishes blisters or a raised or dotted pattern. This might suggest that she has a yeast infection or a bacterial infection such as impetigo. If your toddler has diarrhea, call the pediatrician right away if your toddler is displaying symptoms of dehydration such as no urine in more than 12 hours, inability to make tears or a dry mouth. Contact the pediatrician immediately if your child appears to be very ill, if blood appears in her diarrhea, or if he has more than eight bouts of diarrhea in 8 hours.


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