What Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay in Children?

What Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay in Children

Various types of food can cause tooth decay in children, not simply candy. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, as well as some fruits, juices and sodas, peanut butter, crackers and potato chips are offenders. Factors that cause dental caries include the frequency in which the foods are consumed and the time they remain as particles in the mouth.

Are children safe from soda and other beverages?

Dentists think that kids who take in too much soda and not enough dietary drinks are prone to dental caries in addition to severe ailments later on in life, such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Drinking carbonated sodas routinely can add to the erosion of tooth enamel. Enamel breakdown leads to cavities. If disintegration spreads underneath the enamel, pain and sensitivity might ultimately result. This can cause nerve infection, which can lead to the need for a root canal.

Junk foods and beverages can cause tooth decay in children. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, specific fruit juices, sodas, potato chips, raisins and peanut butter are a few of the offenders that cause tooth decay in children. Children who choose consuming soda are susceptible to dental caries and obesity. It can likewise result in osteoporosis and diabetes in the later duration of such a child’s life.

My children seldom drink soda. Are they still at risk for tooth decay?

Yes. Any prolonged exposure to soda can cause damage. Sipping a soda all afternoon is more hazardous to your teeth than consuming a large soda with a meal then not drinking any soda for the rest of the day. While numerous dental professionals promote drinking nutritional drinks, such as milk, many concur soda ought to be taken in from a can rather than a bottle with a changeable cap to dissuade extended exposure to soda.

What Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay in Children

How can children prevent damage to their teeth?

Children at school need to rinse their mouth with water after meals, leaving their teeth free of sugar and acid. Children likewise must seek sources of fluoridation. If you purchase mineral water, make sure that it is fluoridated. Motivate children to drink tap or fountain water. Use a straw when drinking soda to keep sugar away from teeth. Remember, bottled juices are not a great option due to the high sugar material. Routine dental checkups, combined with brushing with fluoride toothpaste, likewise will assist secure children’s teeth.

How can I help my child avoid tooth decay?

Parents need to take their child to the dental practitioner simply after the first tooth appears. Brushing teeth after meals, routine flossing and fluoride treatments are the best methods to avoid tooth decay. Children ought to also be supervised as they brush. A great rule of thumb is that when children can dress themselves and connect their own shoes, then they are prepared to brush without supervision. Children must be monitored in correct flossing techniques until the age of 10. If you have any issues about your child’s dental health or desire some ideas on preventing tooth decay, ask your dental professional.


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