Eye Infections in Babies

Eye infections

If the white of your child’s eye and the within his lower lid become red, he most likely has a condition called conjunctivitis. Likewise known as pinkeye, this inflammation, which can be painful and itchy, generally signals an infection, but might be due to other causes, such as an inflammation, an allergy, or (hardly ever) a more serious condition. It’s typically accompanied by tearing and discharge, which is the body’s way of aiming to recover or fix the situation.

Eye Infections in Babies

If your child has a red eye, he needs to see the pediatrician as soon as possible. Eye infections usually last 7 to 10 days. The doctor will make the diagnosis and prescribe required medication if it is shown. Never ever put formerly opened medication or somebody else’s eye medication into your child’s eye. It could cause major damage.

Eye infections

In a newborn baby:

Severe eye infections might result from direct exposure to bacteria during passage through the birth canal– which is why all infants are treated with antibiotic eye lotion or drops in the delivery room. Such infections need to be treated early to avoid serious complications.

Eye infections that occur after the newborn period:

These infections might be unattractive, since of the redness of the eye and the yellow discharge that usually accompanies them, and they might make your child unpleasant, but they are hardly ever severe. Several various infections, or bacteria, may cause them. If your pediatrician feels the issue is brought on by bacteria, antibiotic eye drops are the normal treatment. Conjunctivitis brought on by infections must not be treated with antibiotics.

Eye infections are really contagious!

Except to administer drops or lotion, you need to prevent direct contact with your child’s eyes or drain from them until the medication has been used for a number of days and there is evidence of cleaning of the inflammation. Carefully wash your hands before and after touching the area around the infected eye. See How to Give Eye Drops and Eye Ointment.

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