Excessive Sweating in Babies While Sleeping


Sweating– caused by the skin’s eccrine glands– is the body’s natural response toward enhancing temperature levels in the outside environment. Sweating keeps a routine body temperature and dissipates heat created internally. It is common to discover sweat on the heads of sleeping children, but the specific reason for this condition is strange. Babies might experience night-sweats due to different causes.

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Endocrine dysfunction is among the most typical causes of extreme sweating or hyperhidrosis. Raised humidity and heat health problem are a few of the condition’s environmental causes. The genetic problem, referred to as eccrine nevus– a condition where gland are overactive– is another typical reason for hyperhidrosis. Some babies may sweat unusually due to chronic and severe infections. Idiopathic conditions like vital hyperhidrosis and peripheral nerve damage might be connected with extreme sweating.

Complications and Concerns

Numerous health issues related to extreme sweating in babies consist of congenital defects or underlying genetic conditions like diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Search for symptoms including dehydration, tiredness and increased thirst along with the extreme sweating, as these might be signs of health complications. In some cases, these symptoms can be typical, however it is prudent to get your baby medically checked for any complications.

Excessive Sweating in Babies While Sleeping
Excessive Sweating in Babies While Sleeping


Since sweating around the head while sleeping prevails in infants, look for sweating on other areas of the body. Sweaty hands and feet are cautioning signs. Establish that the sweating is not due to high humidity or high temperature levels in the space.

Some children might naturally sweat more than others do, but you must assess the scenario and then get medical guidance.


Natural and medical treatment alternatives are offered for treating extreme sweating in babies. Determining the cause of excessive sweating in children can help figure out the treatment. Surgery to remedy faulty gland may be used when sweating is just topical. Herbal treatments can be used to briefly treat this condition, but there is no clinical evidence that such treatments work well on infants. Prior to utilizing organic treatment, seek advice from a doctor.


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