Excess Ear Wax in Babies


What causes earwax to build up in my baby’s ear?

Earwax is a natural substance that helps to keep your baby’s ears clean and healthy. It is also called cerumen.

The ceruminous glands in the ears secrete earwax as a way of trapping dirt, dust, and other particles that might harm his eardrum.

Generally wax develops, and after that dries and moves to your baby’s outer ear, where it falls out. However, often earwax builds up faster than his body can eliminate it, which’s when earwax can develop. A build-up of earwax doesn’t mean your baby is filthy.

If there’s a big quantity of wax, you may be able to see it just by looking into your baby’s ears. There might also be some yellow or brownish wax visible. This must ultimately drop out by itself.

When is earwax a problem?

If your baby’s ear canal is very plugged with wax, he might experience problems such as:

  • bad hearing
  • ear pains
  • itching
  • noises in his ear (tinnitus).

You may want to provide your baby ear drops to assist clear his earwax. You can buy ear drops over the counter from your pharmacy. The drops work by softening the wax so it falls out more easily.

Excess Ear Wax in Babies
Excess Ear Wax in Babies

Give the ear drops to your baby by laying him on his side with the affected ear dealing with upwards, and put a few drops in. After a couple of minutes, the drops will have taken in and your baby can sit up once again. Be ready with a tissue to capture any ear drops that dribble out of his ear. Repeat this three times a day for the next couple of days up until the wax has actually cleared.

Don’t poke anything in your baby’s ear to aim to eliminate the wax, as this could press it further into his ear. Inserting things like cotton swab can also harm your baby’s ear and lead to infection.

Ear drops are generally really efficient at eliminating excess earwax. Nevertheless, if your baby’s earwax does not disappear after a couple of days of treatment with ear drops, take him to your doctor. After analyzing your baby’s ears, your doctor might refer your baby to an ears, nose and throat (ENT) cosmetic surgeon. The ENT surgeon will then clear your baby’s ears through microsuction.


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