Dealing With Constant Coughing in Children


Incidences of constant coughing in children can be a cause of issue in parents. In a lot of cases, the preliminary coughing can be an outcome of small irritation and periodic coughing is normal in children of any age group. However, if it is a case of constant coughing then it can be an indication of a serious underlying problem. In this condition, it is very important to check out a doctor. Chronic coughing can be an outcome of both minor and severe breathing issues. Coughing is a typical response of the body to the presence of any irritant in the lungs. These irritants can be food, mucus, and allergic reaction that promote the reflexes of the body. 

There are few less severe cases for consistent coughing in children. Some of these include croup, acute rhinitis and seasonal allergic reactions. Common cold is extremely uneasy for children, depends on the immune system, the child recovers within a couple of days. Croups can however sound like a barking cough, however it’s a minor condition and most of the children recover from this seasonal condition. As for seasonal allergic reactions, they can occur at any time and can be uncomfortable but is really seldom life threatening.

On the other hand, there are numerous major cases of constant coughing in children. A few of these include whooping cough and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Whooping cough can be prevented with a vaccination. Incidences of RSV are more common in babies and the symptoms appear like common cold. However RSV is thought about to be more serious because it can turn into pneumonia or bronchitis.

In children who are extremely young it can be hard to treat chronic and consistent coughing, as medications for this condition are intended for adults or older children. The first line of treatment includes making use of antihistamines and decongestants. Even older decongestants that have a slight sedative action can be used in children. Still if the condition stays severe then corticosteroids can be used for lowering the swelling. These corticosteroids can be provided by using nebulizers in small children and inhalers in the older ones.

If the condition is not serious, then for less severe cases apart from medications other things ought to also be thought about. Typically we tend to overlook humidifiers or de-humidifiers as a cause for activating the chronic cough. Children are sensitive to these and if the space is very dry or has a lot of wetness it can set off the cough. If you observe that your child coughs more in a room that is too dry or humid then you can try stabilizing the space ambience. Another important factor to be kept in mind is keeping cleanliness. Little dust particles can triggering cough, so ensure that the room is preserved clean.

Offering warm liquids like soup and tea are found to be efficient in relaxing the irritation of the throat. You can include drops of honey in moderate tea, this works well. Some medicated lozenges also work well in children. So try out these things to provide your child a relief from constant coughing.


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