What to Do When Your Newborn Cries for No Reason


Newborn crying jags are unavoidable. Here’s help calming a crying baby– and renewing your ability to deal with the tears.

The dream: Your baby sleeps through the night after just a few weeks, gurgles gladly while you run errands and fusses just when appetite strikes.

The reality: Your baby’s preferred playtime is after the 2 a.m. feeding. Crankiness comes to a head when you’re out and about. You had no concept a baby could weep for so long.

Sound familiar? On any given day, a newborn may sob for as much as two hours– or perhaps longer. Discover why babies weep, and what to do about it.

Crying baby: Translating the tears

A crying baby is attempting to inform you something. Your task is to determine why your baby is crying and what– if anything– you can do about it. Consider what your crying baby might be thinking.

I’m hungry

Most babies eat every few hours round-the-clock. Some babies become frenzied when hunger strikes. To avoid such frenzy, respond to early signs of hunger. Frequent burping might help reduce discomfort that could be causing tears.

If you’re breast-feeding your baby, the flavor of the milk may change in response to what you consume. If you believe that a specific food or drink is making your baby fussier than normal, avoid it for several days to see if it makes a difference. If you’re feeding your baby formula, your baby’s doctor may advise changing formula.

crying baby
Consequently, it is very important for parents to realize that, for some of the crying times, they will not have the ability to soothe their babies.

I want to draw on something

Drawing is a natural reflex. For lots of infants, it’s a comforting, calming activity. If your baby isn’t really hungry, you might provide a pacifier or help your baby discover his/her finger or thumb.

I’m lonesome

Often merely seeing you, hearing your voice or being cuddled can stop the tears. Calmly hold your baby to your chest. You might place your baby on his or her left side to help digestion or on his or her stomach for support. Mild pats on the back might relieve a crying baby, too.

I’m exhausted

Tired babies are often fussy– and your baby might need more sleep than you believe. Babies typically sleep up to 16 hours a day. Some newborns sleep much more.

I’m wet

For some infants, a wet or stained diaper is a surefire method to trigger tears. Examine your baby’s diaper frequently to make sure it’s clean and dry.

I want to move

Often a rocking session or walk through your house can soothe a crying baby. In other cases, a change of position is all that’s needed. Keeping safety precautions in mind, try a baby swing or vibrating infant seat. Head outdoors with the stroller. You may even wish to buckle up for a car trip.

I ‘d rather be bundled

Some children feel most secure in a swaddle wrap. Comfortably wrap your baby in a receiving blanket or other small, light-weight blanket.

I’m hot or cold

A baby who’s too hot or cold is likely to be uncomfortable. Add or get rid of a layer of clothing as required.

I’ve had enough

Excessive noise, motion or visual stimulation may drive your baby to weep. Relocate to a calmer environment or place your baby in the baby crib. White sound– such as a recording of ocean waves or the tedious sound of an electrical fan or vacuum cleaner– might help your crying baby unwind.

In time you may be able to identify your baby’s needs by the method she or he is crying. For example, a starving cry might be short and low-pitched, while a cry of pain may be a sudden, long, high-pitched squeal. Detecting any patterns can help you much better respond to your baby’s sobs.

Crying it out

If your baby does not appear ill, you’ve attempted everything, and he or she is still upset, think about letting him or her cry it out. Crying won’t hurt your baby– and sometimes the only method to stop a crying spell is to let it run its course.

Obviously, paying attention to your baby wail can be agonizing. If you need to sidetrack yourself for a few minutes, place your baby securely in his or her baby crib and take a fast shower, call a pal or make something to eat.


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