COD Liver Oil for Babies

COD Liver Oil for Babies

Last week’s post about the right way to feed babies purposely left out a conversation about whether babies should get a cod liver oil supplement.

The factor for the exclusion is because, at the time I composed the post, I was uncertain about the existing position of the Weston A. Price Foundation, the only company I know of that puts out a recommendation on the topic. I thought about including the details which follows to the remarks section of recently’s post, however then decided that it was such a crucial problem that I ought to commit an entire short article to it.

Modern mothers don’t keep a container of cod liver oil in their cabinets, however mothers of the past might have been on to something when they force-fed a spoon of the oil to their children. Of course, you need to always ask your child’s pediatrician prior to giving her cod liver oil.

Altering Production Process

Over the last few years, a variety of companies that produce cod liver oil have undervalued their production procedure to either eliminate natural vitamins A/D and replace them with artificial variations, reduce the quantities of A/D, or both. For instance, Carlson’s brand of cod liver oil used to be suggested by the WAPF only to be dropped from the list due to the fact that this brand not includes sufficient vitamin A to support robust health.

COD Liver Oil for Babies

One company, Green Pastures, chose not to cheapen its product and stopped utilizing a Norwegian maker a few years back since the natural vitamin A/D was going to be changed with artificial versions. The owner of Green Pastures has actually because developed a method for fermenting cod liver oil and processing/purifying the product with no heat. The resulting item is a far superior brand name of cod liver oil to anything on the market today and imitates the cod liver oil used traditionally prior to the arrival of industrialization some 150 years back. However, this fermented cod liver oil does include some advantageous lactic acid which can produce a mild burning experience on the back of the throat for about 10% of folks who take it.

Should Babies Get Cod Liver Oil?

Based upon the ever altering manufacturing process, what brand names are really currently appropriate for babies? In addition, what is the proper dosage for a young child given that the day-to-day recommended intake of Vitamin D has increased significantly recently?

When my children reached 3 months old, I began providing 1/4 tsp of Green Pastures Blue Ice high vitamin cod liver oil everyday with an eyedropper. Green Pastures’ high vitamin cod liver oil at that time was not fermented so there was no risk of a mild burn on the back of the throat. As described above, Green Pastures no longer offers this line of product due to a parting of the ways with their industrialized Norwegian partner. The product line now only consists of the superior, fermented line of high vitamin cod liver oil.

Not exactly sure about whether the Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil was proper for babies, I emailed Sally Fallon Morell (President of the Weston A. Price Structure) about it.

She told me that her grandson has been getting 1/2 tsp (around 1500 IU vitamin D) of the fermented cod liver oil (find it here) every day without any problem because the age of 3 months. This is a considerably higher dosage than I offered my own children, but then again, the appropriate everyday dose of vitamin D for children has actually increased substantially in the last few years as more exceptional details about this nutrient has been revealed.

Krill Oil Not an Excellent Sub for Cod Liver Oil

Do not use krill oil as an alternative for cod liver oil as the krill oil makers do not expose how much vitamin A/D is in their item. Likewise, plain fish oil is not a preferable replacement as it is a highly industrialized item (processed at obscenely high temperatures) and includes no natural vitamin A or D whatsoever. Fermented cod liver oil is so far exceptional to anything else on the marketplace, there actually isn’t really any need to think about other brand name, in my opinion.

To remove any possibility of a mild burn on the back of the throat with the fermented cod liver oil, it is recommended to put the 1/2 tsp everyday dose in a bottle of revealed Mom’s milk (or homemade baby formula if you are not able to nurse or have actually adopted a child) starting at age 3 months. As the child grows older, an eye dropper or spoon can be used. A little cream can be contributed to soften the impact of the lactic acid on the throat. My children all take the fermented cod liver oil right off the spoon and go after with water. My youngest transitioned to this method at age 2 with no difficulty.

Whatever you do, please consider this essential supplement for your baby from a really young age. The advantages of adequate vitamin A and D in a child’s diet are substantial and many, consisting of healthy bone structure, higher IQ, increased lung capability, decreased risk for autoimmune disease, and noticeably lowered risk for breathing infection among many others.

If you have a creative way to get cod liver oil into your babies and children that would be handy to share, please add in the remarks section below. I would be extremely interested to hear of your experiences as I’m sure other readers would too.


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