Coconut Milk for Babies

Coconut Milk for Babies

Since ancient times coconut has been hailed as a magic fruit. Even today, coconut is used for its numerous fantastic properties. Every part of the coconut is useful.

Coconut water is intoxicated by yoga enthusiasts as an energy drink; the external husk is used to make ropes; the delicious fruit within is liked by kids and adults alike.

However, it is the milk of the coconut that is most helpful. From use in curries to medical use, this milk has a great deal of residential or commercial properties that make it beneficial for a range of functions. Coconut milk for babies is a fiercely discussed subject. While some think that coconut milk is certainly healthy for your baby, others dispose of the notion. So, is coconut milk advantageous for your baby?

Providing kids too much coconut milk can be dangerous. Coconut milk is extremely high in saturated fat. One cup of coconut milk has 57 grams of fat and 255 percent of your everyday allowance of hydrogenated fat. That’s more than 10 times the saturated fat material of full-fat cow’s milk, which has 8 grams of overall fat.

Can Coconut Milk Be Alternative Milk for Babies?

It’s been proven time and again that mom’s milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby. Over the years, a great deal of replacements have been attempted and checked but nothing even comes close to real mother’s milk. Coconut milk is no exception. Coconut milk for babies can not be used as a replacement to mom’s milk. Mother’s milk includes all the nutrients that a baby requires for a healthy and all-round advancement.

An important part of a baby’s advancement is the healthy development of bones. A baby requires a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for development. Coconut milk can not offer all these nutrients.

  • The calorie content of coconut is quite high. Due to this, whenever you feed a child with coconut milk, he will feel complete and will not be able to consume other items. This leads to a shortage of nutrients which can cause problems in the future.
  • There is little or nearly absolutely no protein content in a coconut. Therefore, it can not help in muscle development.
  • Calcium content, which plays a vital part in the bone advancement, is likewise extremely low.
  • Coconut milk likewise does not contain any riboflavin.

Coconut Milk for Babies

When Can Babies Have Some Coconut Milk?

The response is that it depends on how old your baby is. If your baby is still breastfeeding, then it’s vital that the baby ought to just consume mother’s milk and absolutely nothing else. Coconut milk for babies is just taken in if the baby has actually finished the breastfeeding period.

After the first birthday, although milk can provide some nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and so on, these can very well be acquired from other food items.

Advantages in Coconut Milk

There is a great deal of things in coconut that makes it advantageous for babies over one year old. Among the main constituents of coconut milk is lauric acid which is likewise discovered in breast milk. Lauric acid has a lots of residential or commercial properties that help a baby to grow and develop correctly. Research likewise recommends that lauric acid improves the immune system.

Coconut milk is best for toddlers with lactose intolerance as it is derived from coconut and has no lactose content.

Don’t Eat Too Much

Excess of anything is always bad. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume coconut milk in big amounts. One major reason is that coconut milk has a huge quantity of hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenated fats are not healthy for your body. A single cup of coconut milk has 57 grams of hydrogenated fats liquified in it. On the other hand, a cup of cow’s milk has just 8 grams.

The coconut milk offered commercially, which is watered down with water that dissolves some of the fat and lowers the general fat material. However, additives such as sweeteners might be used to make the milk taste better and this might have unfavorable impacts on the health of your child. Therefore ensure to inspect thoroughly the dietary information prior to purchasing.

Try Homemade Coconut Milk

Home Recipe

Shop bought coconut milk for babies might be damaging and do not have any helpful impact. Therefore, it is constantly best to prepare coconut milk at home and feed it to your child. This way, the hazardous impact of the ingredients is nullified. However, ensure that you do not add anything else into the milk you prepare as this can minimize the dietary worth of the milk.

Given listed below are some steps that you can follow to prepare coconut milk at home.

  1. The initial step in preparing coconut milk for babies is to obtain a healthy coconut. A healthy coconut can be determined by its dark brown outer shell. Also, shake the coconut and see if it has water inside. A coconut with less quantity of water need to not be used for this process.
  2. Crack the coconut using a hand grater, and grate the flesh inside. A coarse hand grater is best for this job. After grating the within flesh, you may or may not wish to eliminate the external covering. This covering is a great source of dietary fiber.
  3. Put the grated coconut into boiling water and let it represent 15 minutes.
  4. Utilizing a strainer, gather the resultant coconut cream in a bowl. Press on the coconut shredding with a spoon to draw out the optimum quantity of cream. Another method to do this is to use a muslin cloth. Put the coconut shredding into a muslin cloth and capture as hard as possible. Gather the resultant cream.
  5. To extract the milk from the cream, location it in the fridge and permit it to cool.Soon, the cream and milk will separate and you can collect the milk.

Food to Go with Coconut Milk

Coconut milk for babies can be used in a variety of food items. Here are some great ideas to attempt with coconut milk:

  1. A little coconut milk blended with a mashed banana is ideal for your child.
  2. Rather of using water, use coconut milk to cook your rice. It will not only improve the flavor but also include some crucial nutrients that are healthy for your baby.
  3. Freshly prepared oatmeal and coconut water belong together. Attempt this combination for a fantastic taste.
  4. Instead of using cow’s milk, attempt utilizing coconut milk for milkshakes. Provides a various twist to the healthy smoothie.
  5. 6 months or older babies can have coconut curry. To prepare it, use coconut milk instead of oil to prepare any curry. If your baby does not eat curry yet, do not attempt this dish.



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