Child Won’t Drink Water


Water is essential to a child’s health. It hydrates, helps regulate body temperature, and helps prevent constipation and urinary tract infections– all without including calories or sugar to the diet. However what if your child does not like water? See how to make you child drink enough water, stated by experienced mom.

Offer Water to You Child

When I think my child is thirsty, I hand her a water bottle. She typically says she isn’t thirsty, but I ask her to drink five sips. Half the time she winds up drinking way more than that. When she starts, she realizes she is thirsty after all.

I always leave a sippy cup with water where my child can reach it so when she does get thirsty, she sees the cup and drinks. If she’s thirsty, she has no option however to drink the water.

Make Drinking Water Enjoyable

My child likes drinking ice water through a straw. I believe he likes the cold feeling in his mouth and the sound of the ice clinking in the cup

My toddler would not drink plain water for the longest time. So we purchased that fizzy fruit-flavored water for her and combined it with 3/4 water and weaned her onto regular water. Now she loves it!

Our city water has a bad taste, so I mix the tiniest quantity of juice with my daughter’s water and she’s none the smarter. It gives it a tip of taste but is still 90 percent water!

You may likewise attempt putting a little lemon wedge or squeezing a bit of fresh orange into it.

Use a Special Cup for Your Baby

When my daughter was nearly 2, she fell in love with princesses. We found BPA-free plastic sparkly goblets and informed her she can just use them to drink “princess water,” which is simply filtered water. Whenever we state, “Do you desire princess water?” she always says yes so she can use the glasses. She is now 3 and it still works!

my child doesn't drink water
My child doesn’t drink water

Have them select their own special cup to put it in. Also, perhaps have a special straw to use. The more they have ownership while doing so, the much better. I have seen that the more I drink water, the more my 4-year-old will too!

My 4-year-old beverages water from a jaunty bright-blue water bottle. They are offered with fun kid-friendly prints of animals, aliens, etc. as well as have sippy nipples. At home, I motivate her to drink to a certain level on her ladybug glass.

Give Them Their Independence

My 20-month-old loves to drink water from a water bottle like a huge girl. We purchase her the small 10-ounce water bottles with sport sippy tops so she can drink all of it on her own.

We bought a water dispenser and put it on the bottom shelf of the fridge. When I revealed it to my 4-year-old, you would have believed I had pronounced him king of the world. He can get water now whenever he wants it without asking. And he reveals everyone who strolls into our house that he can get his own drink– by himself!

Limitation the options

Begin early and don’t put a lot of options in your home. We have water, milk, and one type of juice (watered down 1/3 juice, 2/3 water) in our house at a time.

We alternate milk, water, and juice throughout the day. (We dilute the juice 50/50 with water.) The kids are not enabled to obtain the next drink up until their cup is empty. Often they make it into a game of who can complete their water the fastest.

I make my kid drink a glass of water prior to getting a various drink. Not a big glass, simply 4 to 6 ounces. He has a little control then. He feels like he supervises since he chooses when to drink it and we do not have battles.

Child Won’t Drink Water: Parents experience

My kid won’t drink water! I understand the splash of juice won’t fly. If I put excessive water in her juice, she will not drink it and says it tastes yucky. She will not drink tap water or mineral water. We ‘d done the recyclable bottle thing for years … but I’m SO busy now, I simply do not have time to track them and keep them ready to go … so I’ve been purchasing cases of mineral water to keep in the refrigerator for DS and DH to get hold of. She does have some allergy things. So maybe that’s it.

Is it faucet water she’s drinking? As a child, I wouldn’t drink water either … ever … and was actually hospitalized for dehydration. Drove my mother batty, however she didn’t think me that I couldn’t stand the taste of our regional faucet water. She consume it, and my papa drank it, so what was wrong with it?

Try including fruit. My kids like water with lemon. They also delight in water with lime and mint or oranges. We have attempted sliced up strawberries however they were very little of a hit. Stop the Gatorade and sports drinks. At dinner time, I put a huge pitcher or water with ice and lemon or lime and mint. It is the only drink we have during the week. On the weekends I will allow iced tea, milk, juice and maybe soda (just if it is pizza or taco night).


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