Chest Pains in Children on Left Side

Chest Pains in Children on Left Side

Kids can get chest pain too– even unexpected, sharp pain that takes their breath away.

While it may be frightening, brief episodes are seldom anything serious, states Kenneth Zahka, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at Cleveland Center.

Texidor’s twinge (likewise called precordial catch syndrome) is a common cause of childhood chest pain. Luckily, the most hurt it does is cause concern.

Chest pain has a variety of sources, and practically any structure in the chest can cause pain. This consists of the lungs, the ribs, the chest wall muscles, the diaphragm, and the joints in between the ribs and breastbone.

Common causes of chest pain in children

In children and teens, chest pain generally isn’t really triggered by the heart or lungs. It’s typically due to:

  • Muscle or joint strain. “Kids might have chest pain from doing various or more-strenuous-than-normal activities,” says Dr. Zahka. “Usually, they can set off the pain with a certain movement or by continuing a particular area.”
  • Swelling. “If the ribs are tender adjacent to the breastbone, it might be costochondritis, a type of joint inflammation,” he states.

These conditions go away in a few days. The best treatment is taking painkiller and keeping away from activities that aggravate the pain.

What is Texidor’s twinge?

However then there’s Texidor’s twinge, a totally various kind of chest pain. (It’s called for among the physicians that first recognized it in 1955.) Dr. Zahka describes it as:

  • Unexpected, sharp and extreme
  • Normally on the left side of the chest
  • Lasting only seconds or minutes
  • Occurring several times a day or just one time
  • Impacting children and adolescents who are otherwise healthy
  • Not activated by physical activity
  • Frequently taking place when at rest
  • Gotten worse by breathing in, exhaling or moving

The pain can be sensational. However it generally leaves as rapidly as it comes– without any explanation.

What causes Texidor’s twinge isn’t really known for sure. It’s most likely nothing to do with the heart. Some doctors believe it’s a muscle cramp or triggered by a compressed nerve.

Chest Pains in Children on Left Side

When chest pain is severe

Inning accordance with Dr. Zahka, serious chest pain feels various than Texidor’s twinge. Normally, major pain is:

  • Extremely extreme
  • Long lasting
  • Triggered by exercise
  • Accompanied by fever or other symptoms

During a cardiovascular disease, pain generally radiates out from the chest.

” Of course, heart issues are the first thing numerous parents think of,” states Dr. Zahka. “But chest pain in children is most often not due to a serious condition.”

What to do about Texidor’s twinge

Like other common youth chest pain, there’s no treatment for Texidor’s twinge. It disappears rapidly, on its own. If the pain repeats, attempt anti-inflammatory medicine, like ibuprofen.

“Texidor’s twinge isn’t hazardous or lethal and typically fixes by their adult years,” states Dr. Zahka.


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