Can a Toddler Be Addicted to Sugar?


Sugar is added to numerous processed foods, and toddler are progressively addicted to the sweet things. Numerous toddlers are more sensitive than grownups to the results of sugar. Toddlers yearn for sugar, due to the fact that when they have some they tend to crash as it is digested, making them want more so they feel better. If you believe that your toddler may have a sugar addiction, consult with your toddlers doctor to figure out the best course of treatment.


Many foods have added sugar, and you may not recognize how much sugar your toddler is consuming. Each gram of sugar relates to 1/4 tsp., so 12 g of sugar equals 3 tsp. The average individual needs to only be getting 6 to 12 tsp. of added sugar per day. Limitation or avoid jarred pasta sauce, sodas, fruit juice, sugary breakfast cereal, yogurt, ketchup, salsa, canned soup and candy. Look for active ingredients that contain the suffix, “ose,” such as fructose or sucrose, because they are added sugars. Other active ingredients that show sugar material include high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, walking stick sugar, sorbitol and molasses.

Can a Toddler Be Addicted to Sugar
Can a Toddler Be Addicted to Sugar


The main symptom of a sugar dependency is behavioral problems. According to Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons, author of “Little Sugar Addicts,” you will wish to slowly change sugar intake so that your toddlers behavior will gradually enhance, while ensuring that the modifications you make to her diet will stick. Toddlers with a sugar addiction may show problem habits such as irritability, state of mind swings, low self-confidence, tantrums and extreme talking; such behaviors will vanish when they consume sugar. Your goal is to get rid of the negative sensations your toddler experiences when her body is food craving sugar. Gradually eliminate sugar sources and replace them with healthy foods from all the food groups, including fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. This will cover her nutrient requires along with make her feel healthier, and it leaves little room for sweet treats and drinks. Over time, she will stop craving the sugar, and her body will get used to the new diet, enhancing habits along the way.


Lots of negative consequences are possible when your toddler consumes excessive sugar and ends up being addicted to it. According to Momscape, sugar addiction in children can damage cells, lower resistance, lead to obesity, fill a toddler up on empty calories and make him irritable and hyperactive. Routinely taking in too much sugar can also interfere with insulin production and may cause diabetes. This is since when sugar is taken in, it causes a spike in blood glucose, which causes a secretion of insulin and a crash in blood sugar levels, making a toddler starving and exhausted. In other words, weaning your toddler off sugar will improve his health and minimize his opportunities of issues.

Expert Advice

Assist your toddler discover how to eat a much healthier diet and connect his feelings and mood to what he eats. Teach your toddler to start the day with a healthy breakfast that consists of protein and complex carbs to replace sugar. Shift from refined foods to whole grains and eliminate sugary beverages and treats a little at a time. Finally, help your toddler understand that high sugar consumption makes him feel unhealthy and that healthy options make him feel much better.


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