Can I Give Beetroot to My Baby

Can I Give Beetroot to My Baby

Jacqui from Noosa, Australia, wrote to ask us if beetroot (or beets, as beetroot is understood in the US) is safe for her baby to eat. She likewise asked us to recommend a beetroot baby food recipe– and here’s our reply, ought to anyone else be questioning the exact same thing!

Can I Give Beetroot to My Baby

Guidelines vary rather significantly worldwide when it comes to the intro of beetroot!

In the UK, beetroot is typically provided to babies from 6 months of age– it is also a typical first food in India where it is frequently used in soups.

Standards in the United States are rather more conservative, with many sources suggesting 8 months of age as an age of intro. This is because of that beets (as beetroot is known in the United States) are higher in natural nitrates than other veggies.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics mentions that “Since vegetables, including green beans, carrots, squash, spinach and beets, can have nitrate levels as high or greater than that of well water, babies must not eat these foods until after age 3 months”.

Three months of age is plainly far earlier than the age recommended for the intro of ANY solid food (we in fact discussed this problem on a post on our blog site back in August last year). At 6 months, your baby’s body is far better equipped to deal with the nitrates that occur naturally in certain foods.

Given the variation in recommendations regarding beetroot, you might prefer to contact your doctor before providing it to your baby.

That being said, we presented fresh beetroot to our youngsters from 6 months of age. It is highly nutritious and the brilliant purple colour of typical beetroot makes it an enjoyable and aesthetically enticing food for kids!

Beets include a terrific quantity of calcium, potassium and even vitamin A. Both Vitamin A and Calcium play a big role in the healthy development of your baby. It’s tough to think how high in fiber beets are; simply 2 medium sized beets include 2 grams of fiber!

Can I Give Beetroot to My Baby

Beetroot Baby Food Recipe

Baby’s Beetroot Mash

2 small fresh beetroot
1 apple
1 small spud

Peel the beetroot, remove the stalks and cut into cubes.
Peel and core the apple then dice.
Peel and dice the white potato.
Steam all 3 components until tender (begin the beetroot and potatoes off first, then include the apple).
Mash the components together for a delicious puree!

A fast caution– beetroot discolorations– so make sure you cover your child’s clothes and the carpet when feeding it to your baby It can likewise turn your baby’s pee pink– it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s great to be prepared in the event that it happens!

More recipes, tips and details for presenting beets to baby.

Does your baby delight in beetroot (or beets)? How do you want to prepare beets for your baby? Please do leave your comments listed below!


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