Best First Solid Foods to Feed Your Baby


Introducing solid foods to your baby is a truly big turning point. This milestone is a great deal of enjoyable and a great deal of concern too. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that your baby has so many years of food experiences ahead that there is no need to rush feats! Basic, healthy foods are the best options for babies who are simply beginning solids.

Best First Solid Foods to Start for Your Baby

Keep in mind, you are taking the initial steps to helping your youngster establish healthy eating routines that will last a life time. Here you will discover pages of beneficial information and solid food charts for you to examine and get a sense of what your baby might be eating at a specific age or stage. This info will help alleviate your mind as you are introducing solid foods and will likewise relieve the transition to solid foods for your baby.

It’s chow time, baby! No matter what’s on the menu, the texture of your baby’s first foods must be extremely smooth and practically leaking off the spoon. If you prepare your very own food, you should strain, puree, or carefully mash it, and after that thin it with liquid if necessary. As your baby ends up being a more skilled eater (usually around six or 7 months old), gradually reduce the liquid you include and thicken the texture. Serve brand-new foods one at a time for 3 to five days to make sure your baby’s not allergic, then present another. Here are three foods to begin with, plus suggestions for getting the banquet began. Bon appétit!

Best baby cereal to start with

best first solids for baby

For many years, baby rice cereal was thought about the best food to start with, but now the American Academy of Pediatrics just suggests any quickly absorbable foods. If you start with cereal, select a single-grain range (rice, barley, or oat– hold off on wheat, a typical irritant for lots of children, for now). To prepare, mix a small amount of cereal with formula, breast milk, or even water to create a creamy “soup.” Don’t sweeten the taste by including feats like mashed bananas, applesauce, or juice. If you start off appealing baby with sugar, he’ll quickly want everything you provide to be simply as sweet.

Best baby vegetables to start with

Veggies are wholesome, nutritious, and not likely to activate allergies. Start with milder yellow or orange alternatives such as sweet potatoes and carrots before proceeding to the green team, like peas and string beans, which have slightly more powerful flavors. If your baby declines what you’ve got, attempt once again tomorrow and the next day and the next. Some infants have to be presented to a brand-new food 4 or 5 (or more!) times prior to they’ll accept it, so perseverance is key.

Best baby fruit to start with

Delicious, absorbable first fruits include finely mashed bananas or baby applesauce, peaches, or pears (stick with jarred fruits particularly processed for children). How (naturally) sweet it is!

Recommendations for Presenting Solid Foods

Current suggestions indicate that breast milk or formula need to be baby’s primary source of nutrition till at least 6 months of age (best period breastfeeding your baby is 24 month). While many pediatricians suggest beginning solid foods at some point between 4 and six months of age, the earlier intro of solid foods might have specific risk factors; consult your pediatrician. For instance, the “Introduction of complementary feedings [solid foods] prior to 6 months of age typically does not increase overall calorie intake or rate of growth and just replaces foods that do not have needed nutrients and the protective parts of human milk (and formula).


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