Benefits of Rice Water for Babies

Benefits of Rice Water for Babies

Rice water has no particular advantage for babies on a day-to-day basis or as a replacement for breast milk or formula.

Rice water has a long history of use in treating diarrhea or other food poisonings in Southeast Asian families, however lots of medical professionals do not consider it the best treatment for gastrointestinal disorders in infants.

Rice water can likewise assist bring your baby’s fever down. Merely, boil the rice in 2 to 3 cups of water until the rice is cooked. Strain the water and feed it to your baby in small parts.

Benefits of Rice Water for Babies

Active ingredients

Rice water includes no components except the minerals and nutrients that seep from the rice into the water after you boil the rice. After boiling, eliminate the rice and serve just the water used to cook the rice to the baby.

Benefits of Rice Water for Babies


Rice water is an inexpensive and easily available choice of rehydration fluid as a replacement for the fluids lost in vomiting and diarrhea. For families who do not have access to intravenous rehydration or electrolyte solutions, rice water is better than plain water as a rehydration source. In a letter published in the July 2001 “BMJ” talking about a review of literature performed by British scientists on oral rehydration option, assistant professor of physiology Ting Fei Ho of the University of Singapore states that rice water reduces stool output and works in mild to moderate gastroenteritis.


Rice water doesn’t consist of sufficient carb– a source of energy needed to replace calories lost during diarrheal episodes– protein or minerals to function as a replacement for the mineral lost in a bout of diarrhea, pediatrician Dr. Vinay Reddy describes. In a rebuttal letter to Ho published in “BMJ” in July 2001, assistant teacher of pediatrics at Harvard University Christopher Duggan stated that rice water does not have the sodium and potassium needed to change the minerals lost.


Rice water does not include the nutrients necessary for ideal development in babies. Do not offer your baby rice water in lieu of formula or use it as a method to water down formula. Do not use rice water when your baby has diarrhea or vomiting unless your doctor particularly recommends it. A baby with severe diarrhea who loses 10 percent of his body weight, or 2 pounds for a 20-pound baby, is badly dehydrated and requires medical examination, pediatrician and author Dr. William Sears alerts.


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