Benefits of Nebulizer for Baby


There are numerous methods to deliver medication to our bodies and depending upon your personal circumstances and the nature of your illness your doctor might have recommended any among these. If you suffer from bronchitis, asthma or among many other conditions then your doctor might have suggested you a nebulizer or it might be among a number of alternatives. But what is a nebulizer, what are its advantages, and how does one differ from an inhaler? Here we will take a look at the advantages of a nebulizer and why you need to use one.

Mechanism and Ease of Use

A nebulizer is a device that is really comparable in design and function to an asthma inhaler, but is easier to use and somewhat more relaxing. This then makes it more suitable in some instances– for example it is much better for children and better for children, elderly patients, handicapped individuals or those with diseases that make using their hands and taking deep breaths impossible. What makes it easier is the method the nebulizer works which does not need the same breath/hand coordination as an inhaler. A nebulizer basically works by connecting tubes to a compressed air source. When it is operated the oxygen and air are blasted through the saved liquid medication at high speed then breathed in by the individual. As the air passes through the liquid it will produce aerosol which contains the medication required.

Unlike the inhaler then you are not needed to suck in one big drag and do not have to push down as hard. You will generally use a mouth piece and mask and will attach this on before plugging the tube into the nebulizer. Once it is connected it will start to eliminate the aerosol into the mask and you will then merely breathe this till the mist is gone. The nebulizer immediately provides you the appropriate dose of medication so you can breathe calmly and usually through the mask and you will be ensured to have the correct amount of air. This makes it passive and it also suggests that a parent or an assistant can administer the medication more quickly when the patient is unable to themselves. This likewise makes it perfectly matched to those who remain in the procedure of having an asthma attack and for this factor it’s a good idea to have a nebulizer to hand in addition to an inhaler even if you are typically with the ability of utilizing the latter.


A nebulizer then is a lot easier to run and is passive in the way it works when compared to an inhaler. But why use a nebulizer or inhaler at all? Well the simple factor is that it delivers medication straight to the lungs which is necessary for when it’s the lungs that need to be treated. When taking medication orally it will get in the blood stream and the body will use the active compounds where they are needed, but it will take a minimum of a very little quantity of time for the medication to get there. Nevertheless when you breathe in aerosol through a nebulizer or inhaler this passes straight into your lungs and that indicates that it’s currently in the place it is needed.

This implies that it’s the fastest and most efficient method to obtain medication into the lungs which means it’s perfect for treating:

  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Sinusitis
  • Lung Disease
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Flu
  • And more …

In many cases the nebulizer can also be used to clear respiratory tracts and this can mean dissolving compounds that may be triggering a blockage.

Negatives of a Nebulizer

With all that in mind why not always use a nebulizer and why use inhalers at all? Well the simple matter is that a nebulizer is an electrical device that is relatively large and cumbersome and which needs a rather unwieldy attachment for breathing. This then means that it’s not entirely portable and you would be very limited in what you could do as an asthmatic if you always had to keep your nebulizer on you. Also it needs a power source and this means that it’s not constantly practical to use the nebulizer and potentially more costly. It has many uses then and is essential for particular circumstances, however so too is the inhaler which has actually made life a lot easier for many individuals struggling with breathing diseases.

Why Keep a Nebulizer?

In medical facilities then there are lots of benefits of owning a nebulizer and this suggests that patients who are too unhealthy, elderly or young to use an inhaler can still be alleviated. Nevertheless nebulizers can also be purchased for home use and if you or someone in your household is prone to asthma attacks then this is an essential investment– as somebody in the middle of an attack will not constantly be able to use their inhaler. Likewise it can be beneficial for a variety of other attacks and respiratory problems and can therefore conserve lives– helping to bide time up until the medical services show up or preventing hospitalization entirely. Obviously it won’t constantly be appropriate– in some cases you will not have the attack regularly enough to warrant owning a nebulizer– but if there’s an opportunity you’ll require one then it’s a deserving expenditure.


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