Before you start to choke


“I’m choking, there’s nothing to breathe!” Such a call was received  an ambulance by woman aged. Coronavirus in action? The woman felt very bad, she could not breathe completely, her lungs refused to work, she began to panic. Emergency doctors gave a sedative and assured the patient that her lungs were all right. After the medicine worked, breathing also recovered.

Coronavirus: people choke from stress

Coronavirus, in fact, became the cause of poor health: stress against the background of constant experience led to a nervous breakdown and choking…

In itself, the situation with COVID-19 causes stress in the population. Since the person did not encounter this, he has no experience adapting to similar situations

Due, Alon Dagan, an emergency medical doctor at Beth Israel Lahey Health, told about the using of a pulse oximeter device that analyzes blood color and can tell how oxygenated it is this was reported by the news agency The Guardian.

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A pulse oximeter is a medical device that, very carefully squeezing the fleshy part of the fingertip and painlessly illuminating it, it determines the heart rate and percentage of red blood cells that carry oxygen.

If this happens and you have good reason to believe that you have a coronavirus, you decide to go to the hospital. But such solution also contains a danger to your health and wallet.

It is in the hospital that there is a very high risk of contracting Covid-19 through contact with doctors and other visitors. The best way out of the situation would be to prefer to stay at home rather than putting yourself at risk in the hospital, and conduct an independent diagnosis by using a pulse oximeter. So that, you will sure if you should go to the hospital or if you are just slightly sick.

According to the protocol of his hospital, Dagan says that patients who have either a positive test result or an alleged positive coronavirus but are not sick enough to get to the hospital go home with a pulse oximeter and instructions for using it three times a day.

A pulse oximeter can detect an infection before you begin to choke

As we mentioned above, stress can lead to serious mental health problems and, as a result, extra costs for psychological services and so on. This can all be avoided, because you can use a pulse oximeter and make sure if sick you or not.

Even if you are sure that you are infected with a coronavirus, you need finally to make sure about it. The results of a pulse oximeter, which may exclude the likelihood of your infection, will also help you with this. This is useful for those who have or are suspected of having coronavirus.

When should I worry?

According to him, normally the percentage of oxygen saturation should be above 95%. If below 93%, the person most likely needs a doctor’s consultation, and if below 92% – you should already breathe oxygen. With this device, you can quickly determine if the body has enough oxygen or not.

And in case of shortage, you should seek help. For population, a device can literally be a lifesaver. Usually a dangerously low level of blood oxygenation is associated with difficulty breathing to such an extent that it is difficult to speak in full sentences. Covid-19 patients can “breathe quite comfortably, but their oxygen saturation is much lower than we expected”.

Do I need to get one?

Top 5 Pulse Oximeters

  1. Pulse Oximeter ANKOVO
  2. Pulse Oximeter Fingertip FACEIL
  3. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter JUMPER
  4. Pulse Oximeter Fingertip ANKOVO
  5. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

For all of the above reasons, the pulse oximeter is so popular among residents of the United States and other foci of Covid-19. It’s worth hurrying because these devices are in short supply due to their popularity.

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