Bed Wetting in Teenagers and Preteens


There are a number of reasons that preteens and teenagers may wet the bed. Sometimes there is something physical or mental going on, maybe some kind of injury. Usually if the bed wetting begins suddenly it is due to the fact that there is something happening in the teenager’s life that has prompted it. There are two certain classifications of bed wetting. The first is called primary enuresis and this is a condition where bed wetting has been ongoing given that birth. The second kind is called secondary enuresis and this is a condition in which bed wetting starts either months or perhaps years after the child has stopped moistening his/her bed. The condition, both primary and secondary is much more common in males however can also happen in females. 

Find a Professional

Obviously, if you have an older child who is wetting the bed then you are handling some type of issue. Whether you have a 5 year old who has never stopped moistening the bed or a fifteen years of age who has actually unexpectedly begun moistening the bed, the reality is you might want to find a doctor who focuses on issues like yours. If absolutely nothing else a professional can help to eliminate medical reasons for the bed wetting. If all medical causes are eliminated then a psychiatric or mental assessment might end up being needed. In some cases there will be nothing that can be done but it is best to at least seek a professional opinion if bed wetting is triggering problems for you and your child.

Genetic Bed Wetting

Just like any other trait that can be inherited, bed wetting can be something that is handed downed in families. In fact, if a child comes from two parents who both damp their beds as children then that child has about an 80% possibility of becoming a bed wetter him/herself. Even if a child has one parent who wet the bed often as an older child his/her possibilities of ending up being a bed wetter are significantly increased. Most of the time a child who has parents who were likewise bed wetters will be offered a variety of options due to the experiences of both mom and dad or either one.

Causes and Symptoms of Bedwetting in Teenage and Preteen Years

Periodic Bed Wetting Due to Dreams

Most everybody has had an experience in which they dreamed they were resting on the toilet urinating when in truth they were really still in their bed. It is very important to comprehend that this is a regular event and that there is probably no one who can honestly state this has never happened to him/her. Prior to ending up being alarmed over one occurrence wait to see if it is an isolated occurrence or if it repeats itself. Normally a pre-teen or teen that develops an issue with bed wetting will wet the bed at least twice per week. If a bed wetting occurs however is not followed by another for a long period of time then it is safe to presume that the incident was probably a fluke.

Possible Medical Causes

In some cases children damp the bed due to the fact that they are merely very deep sleepers. This means that the desire to urinate will not wake them up. However, there are other conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections (also referred to as UTIs) that can cause children to urinate more regularly. There is also a condition which causes lower levels of anti-diuretic hormones to be produced. In this case an extreme quantity of urine will be produced during the night and the bladder will not be able to hold it.

Mental Causes

Often terrible experiences can cause children to start wetting the bed. For instance, a child who has parents that are going through a divorce or who lives in a mad and explosive environment are likely to start wetting the bed. Sexual abuse is also a significant reason for bed wetting. In fact, any change in the child’s life that is causing him/her emotional turmoil can cause the problem.

Bed Wetting in Teenagers and Preteens: What You Can Do?

Parents Should Continue to be Helpful

It is extremely aggravating handling an older child who is having an issue with bed wetting but parents must never ridicule or attempt to penalize this habits. After all, who sets out to urinate in his/her bed on purpose? Your child is most likely quite embarrassed about the circumstance and making him/her feel dumb or childish will just contribute to the issue. Let your child know that what is occurring to him/her is something normal that occurs to lots of other people which one day it will stop. If this is something you have been through then you can share your experiences with your child and encourage him/her that you had the ability to survive it simply fine.

Use Mattress Protectors

It ought to go without stating that bed wetting can be quite devastating to your child’s bed mattress. For this reason be sure you use a quality bed mattress covering that can be eliminated and cleaned easily. You can either pick a low-cost plastic bed mattress cover or you can select a more costly Teflon covered mattress protector. Either one will do the job however some individuals discover the Teflon covered mattress protectors more comfy and not as loud when you are tossing and turning in bed.

Establish a Fluid Consumption Routine

Ensure your child does have the needed quantity of water every day. It might be appealing to withhold fluids in an effort to stop the bed wetting however be sure your child beverages enough. The key is to have your child drink his/her fluids throughout the day and not a lot at night. Aim to have your child stop consuming fluids at least 4 hours prior to bed time if possible. This may not absolutely stop the bed wetting however it will lessen the amount of urine present in your child’s bladder, making the mishaps a bit more manageable. Constantly make sure your child uses the bathroom right before going to sleep each night.

Bed moistening will eventually stop by itself. It stays a mystery to the scientific community however felt confident there are very few individuals who live their entire lives as bed wetters. Even teens who damp the bed typically stop by the time they are 15 years of ages.


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