My Baby Seems in Pain when Trying to Poop


The world is very new to children– including the sensation of pooping. It might feel unexpected and strange to a baby. It does not mean he’s really in pain, however it does mean that he might get distressed.

Keep in mind that it’s hard to poop while lying down. Your baby can’t sit and “push.” He has to coordinate his belly muscles to squeeze while relaxing his rectum. That’s not so easy for a little baby! In time, he’ll learn how to do it without putting on such a big show.

Don’t stress if he grunts and groans and makes all type of faces during a bowel movement; it’s usually not a sign of a medical issue by itself. Some parents who bottle-feed their kids might think they need to change formula to assist them feel much better, but that normally does not make a difference. Babies all appear to obtain over it with time.

Tips for Concerned Parents if their baby seems in pain when trying to poop

If your baby does respond to the sensation of pooping more intensely, attempt massaging his belly or legs before or while he’s doing it. You may try putting a warm water bottle on his belly during the procedure, but make sure to examine first that the temperature level is not too hot for him.

In Pain and crying before pooping - baby problem
Is it regular for exclusively breastfed children to weep and fuss prior to they poop? My son is one month old and weeps and fusses non-stop before he can work the poop out. I feel terrible for him and hate that I cannot relieve him.

When to Worry About Your Baby

Severe, high-pitched, sad weeping is a different story than the groaning and groaning that a lot of infants do. If your child has this type of response, get him had a look at by his pediatrician as quickly as possible. Also, call the doctor if you see blood or his poop is white, black, or hard, pellet-like stools.

What parents say about the same issue

  • My baby seems in pain and starting crying every time he pooped because he was about 2 weeks old. He is now 8 weeks old and I still have to comfort him every time he poops. He is breastfed and poops each time he eats so I know that he’s not constipated. Why then is it so difficult and painful for him to push out it out? I have eliminated all dairy and nuts from my diet and this has actually taken away his colic but it hasn’t made it easier for him to poop. Is this regular? What can I do to help him?
  • My baby had the same issue. He is now 5 mo. old and it is better however he still occasionally has discomfort. I just pump his legs, rub his tummy, put pressure on it, or give him a warm bath. The medical professionals said their little belly muscles are too weak. They informed me when he starts crawling and his muscles enhance, it will get better. Likewise, he has a milk protein allergic reaction, I too need to cut dairy from my diet and they said some children are more conscious foods that others. I attempt not too eat onions, broccoli, or other foods that are spicy or give gas.
  • Don’t quit on the massages and leg exercises, At first they didn’t work for me and the doctor informed me to assist him with a q-tip and Vaseline … I disliked doing the q-tip thing and was scared of him getting hurt or an infection … thankfully among my cousins had a book on baby massage and she let me read the chapters on colic/ gas and constipation (despite the fact that my baby has constantly had really loose stools, it was never hard). I tried the massages and leg exercises on him from the book and it began working like magic. Now each time I put him on the change mat or eliminates his diaper; he raises his legs and presses to poo,. if his tummy hurts I feed him if he’s starving, wait on 30 mins the lightly massage him. He loves it and begins smiling and cooperating then presto out comes all the gases and smelly poo that has been offering him difficulty.


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