Baby Refuses to Nurse on One Side (Breast Preference)

Baby Refuses to Nurse on One Side (Breast Preference)

Is it regular for a baby to prefer one breast over the other?

Yes. Infants, especially newborns, might have periods of preferring one breast to the other. You may discover your baby fussing, retreating, or merely refusing to draw from among your breasts.

If your newborn is declining one side, have her doctor do an excellent physical examination to look for birth injuries. Some babies will have an injury that goes unnoticed at birth, however causes baby pain when in particular nursing positions.

Baby Refuses to Nurse on One Side (Breast Preference)

What causes it?

A newborn might reject one breast because it’s harder to latch on to for some factor. The declined breast might be more engorged or have a distinction in the nipple, for example.

An older baby may decline one breast since it has a low milk supply or a slower circulation or disappointment than the other breast. Your baby’s breast choice can make the milk supply scenario worse: You can wind up with a low milk supply in one breast if your baby nurses regularly from the other breast.

Sometimes a baby will be more comfortable being held on one side than the other. If your baby appears to unexpectedly prefer one side, it might be since something harms him. Maybe he has an ear infection in one ear, or maybe the side that he was just immunized on is tender, for example.

If you’ve had surgery (or have another physical distinction) in one breast, you might have a lower circulation of milk in that breast. It’s not typical, but having cancer in a breast can likewise result in low milk circulation. If you believe that a person of your breasts isn’t producing as much milk as the other, talk with your healthcare provider.

Baby Refuses to Nurse on One Side (Breast Preference)

What can I do if my baby won’t nurse from one of my breasts?

Try to gently and constantly encourage your baby to nurse at the less-preferred breast by constantly offering that breast first, when he’s hungriest. You can likewise try using it when he’s just getting up and maybe still sleepy adequate to take it. Try out various positions, and possibly rock or sway your baby while nursing him.

If you’re consistently nursing from one breast, you’ll want to pump or hand express milk from the other side to maintain production. You might have to use the expressed milk to supplement your baby’s feedings. (Pumping will likewise help if you’re worried about looking lopsided.)

If your child is getting enough milk and his breast choice poses no real difficulty for you, there’s no damage in letting your baby have his choice. There are a lot of women who have actually nursed successfully from one breast only.

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